Thursday, April 2, 2009

Let's just be friends

Now I am stuck between a rock and a hard place!

In one hand I hold ParamedicDude, He and I have been out on three dates and I am just not feeling it.. I need to find away to tell him that I'm not interested in pursuing a relationship with him, without handing down the old "let's be friends" line, because #1 I hate that line (and you'll see why in just a minute) and #2 because I hat that line. How do you gently tell a guy that your not feeling any physical attraction to him without sounding like a bitch?

ParamedicDude is such a very cool guy, and I seriously wish there was an attraction there, becuase I know he would treat me like the princess I want to be, but well.... damn it I just can't see my self gettin naked and sweaty with him.

In the other hand... I have... well I have nothing
I was starting to kind of get my hopes up with DaMan, but I got an email that said... Let's just be friends, I'm not ready for a relationship... blah blah blah.... How is it possible that even if a guy tells me he's looking for a LTR that he's not ready for a relationship? its the same old story... and I don't want to be like that with the guys I'm not interested in pursuing a relationship with.

I don't want to be "like the rest of them". But on the same hand I don't want to waste someone's time (and money). How is it possible that I am standing on both sides of the fence right now? Why can't just one of these fucking dudes have a little bit of everything I'm looking for right down to a little bit of "spark"...

I can work with a little bit....

But I can't work with a negative balance of spark...

let's make a list of the guys wand what's wrong with them:
Jay: hasn't talked to me since february
Johhny: Is a complete sleezoid
Mr Dark: just quit talking to me for no apparent reason
DaMan: has decided he just wants to be friends
ParamedicDude: just doesn't do it for me
Various Bachelors: stopped talking to me or didn't do it for me
Bahcelor #1: Love at first sight, Religion gets in the way
GeoDude: Would be perfect, but he well... he doesn't want to be

so there... now tell me what's wrong with that picutre?

Oh and can I add this... these are my stats from e-harmony:
Total Matches: 123
Total Closed: 83
Total Closed by guys: 63
Total Closed by me: 20 (because they haven't returned any contact since the first of March)
Total guys who have actually contacted me: 2
one of them is ParamedicDude, and the other is a guy from St. George UT...

what a waste of fucking money

*names have been changed to protect the innocent, the a**holes and the clueless.


Travis Erwin said...

One of my female friend is using and having a bit of success.

Jason said...

Srry its not going well! Maybe qpid will work out a little better.