Monday, March 9, 2009

Sucker!! That's me

Ok so here is the weekend update:

Let us start with Friday's poker night... More people showed up than I had anticipated and some people didn't show at all... Bob* brought his new girlfriend, And Mr Dark* didn't show. No call - no show. Your Fired!

I'm not putting up with that kind of shit any more. I got enough of that with Asshole...

But of course I am a little disappointed. I mean come on... all that morning and the night before we had been texting and he seemed really stoked about coming over.. he was even thinking about coming over early so we could have some one on one face time.... That didn't happen, shit here it is Monday and I still haven't heard from him... not even an apology for not showing... well that means only one thing... He is not what he pretended to be. at this point the only excuse I will find acceptable is if he is right now in the hospital in a coma.

So about half way through night I got a little tired of feeling sorry for myself and I texted another guy I have been talking too and invited him over... We'll call him Johnny*. He is completely obsessed with the size of my boobs. This does get on my nerves a little bit and I don't really feel that "spark". but I find that it is good for the ego to have a guy drooling all over you.

So he came, and the poker night got hot and heavy... money was flying, people were cussing, Drinks were being made...

Hot damn... the final battle was intense, it came to just Johnny* and Shou Shou*. Shou Shou won but only by a single card... it was GREAT!!!

afterwards everyone left except Johnny* he stayed and we chit chatted, and then he smooched me, and we got into some heavy petting (he focused mainly on the boobs of course). It was good for me. Why? because my insecure self needed that little boost that somewhere in this world is a guy who thinks I'm hot (or that at least my boobs are).

ugh... but there still isn't that "spark". I'll probably see him again (in fact I already have) but I doubt that I want to get into a relationship with this guy. More on why later...

So the weekend with my Crazy Sister was not nearly as bad as I had anticipated. I think her Fiance is mellowing her out. we did everything... we went fishing, and shopping and we even hit up the Ren Faire out in Boulder City. It was a really nice weekend with her.


On Sunday night Johnny took me out to dinner. It was his suggestion. I was kind of stoked... its been a while since a guy asked me to go to dinner. I figured "what the hell, let's give this a shot" My thinking was that this guy can't be any worse than the dudes who don't call me... ha ha..

He showed up in jeans and sneakers... I will concede that he had on a collared shirt. but it was a polo... and not a crisp one either... looked more like he had been in it all day. I on the other hand took it too far again. on my shopping expedition with my sister I bought a new sweater to wear, I paired it with my favorite brown slacks, donned my new brown leather wedges, puckered up with some lip gloss and even anointed myself with a fragrance I only wear on special occasions. I topped it all off with this really cute off to the side messy bun. I looked FUCKING HOT. I could have walked into any club on the strip and gone home with a smoking hot 21-year old stud who could keep my going all night.

Instead I'm sitting in a car with a 42 year old man who doesn't think enough about me to even put on a pair of slacks.... or at least some pressed and starched jeans. He asked me where I wanted to go and I suggested Cozymel's.. its good food and moderately priced. But then he says "No I don't like Mexican food... why don't we go downtown" and then proceeds to bitch about all the tourists downtown. So I suggest Jerry's Nugget. They have this great little Italian joint that has excellent food and is super cheap. (he and I both ate for less than $30).

But all the way through dinner all he could do was bitch about his ex and his kids and the shitty day he had, and about some other broad he was seeing before me. We had about 10 mins of real conversation. Where we talked about the fundamental differences between us... I have a good sized circle of acquaintances that I hang out with and he is essentially a loner. He hates weekends; he would rather work 7 days a week and take one day off every other week, I love my weekends and fill them from waking to passing out with activities and fun with my friends and kid.

The evening ended with us talking about sex and our views on it. Needless to say we have extremely different views on that subject. In conclusion I have decided that I am not going to "date" this guy. not even casually. IF he asks me out again, I'll go. But only because its a free meal...

*names have been changed to protect the innocent, the a**holes and the clueless.


Lee of MWOB said...

Hi Poetry Sue - it's been so long since I've been over here mainly because I'm slammed in my blogging life and barely hanging on by a thread. It's all I can do to just POST.

Wow - your poker night and date night sound intense. On a variety of levels. But good for you to know right away not to give this guy any more of your real dating time.

So I've been meaning to ask why don't you change your profile so people can reply to you via email? You are one of those no-reply blogger chicks so when I want to respond to one of your nice comments, I can't just email you directly from your comment. Do you want it that way? Let me know! Cause at the very least I like to respond to people's comments when they strike me and yours often do.

Hope all is cruising along on this Monday...


Erma said...

Absolutely wonderful sheer drama filled night! Can't wait for the next one! Y'know why boys like boobs? Cos they are boobs. It's the power of the "Secret." LOL!