Thursday, April 9, 2009


Oh yeah there will be some very strong language in this post...

First lets start with the update on the whole Red* situation... since Tuesday he has refused to say more than a single word a day to me. Before the Drunk Texting incident We shared in a light hearted banter everyday... I'm kind of starting to miss it...

So that's what it is.. he knows it was me (so says my boss who reads my blog and talks to him), and he's pissed, or freaked, or just plain cranky... either way.. now I miss our daily diatribes and I've probably fucked up beyond repair with even trying to make friends with him...

This children is why we should leave our cell phones at home when we go drinking...

Now... onto to the latest bit about my fucked up dating experiences...

I met a guy on Tuesday night. He messaged me on one of the sites I am on and I invited him to the after-poetry drinking party. He was not nearly as cute as his pics online, and immediately I as put off by the fact that he seemed offended that my friends were there... Um duh what smart chick doesn't go to a very public place (with friends) to meet some strange dude off the Internet.

Any way... as per my usually course I got a little buzzed and put on my beer goggles. He and I ended up in a quiet dark little corner making out...

The night ended on a very good note (wink, wink)

Anyhoot... my plan for last night (Wednesday) was to go home, un plug, do laundry and just veg out, but somehow (stupid text messages) It ended up being a night where this new guy, we'll call him MasterT, ended up coming over to "hang out" and "have dinner".... which directly translates to a booty call... yup I got me some last night... and it wasn't that great... not nearly what I expected after that little pre game show from the night before.

Now let me explain... I am a normal woman, with normal urges and desires that MUST BE MET or I will go nuts. And some times my good old B.O.B. just doesn't cut it. Battery Operated Boyfriend (there now your up to speed). Now I was a little disappointed in everything so far... but things were starting to look up... we found a groove that worked for me... until I heard this:
"That's right Who's Master's dirty little slut"

Um excuse me... were you just talking to me?

Hmm so I "finished" rather quickly after that. He got his. And then As I am getting dressed and cleaned up I hear:

"Um hey do you mind if I take a shower, or a bath?"
"No go right ahead"


"What do you need me to draw your bathwater?"
"Yeah Master would like that"
::roll eyes::

so I run a super hot fucking bath and I can hear him getting in going
"shh ahh ohh hot"

yeah I hope those balls boil in that water...

So he gets dressed and leaves (did I mention that he brought his damn dog with him?)

NEVER again will that guy hear the sound of my voice, or see the image of my text.

now don't get me wrong I don't mind a little dirty talk... I don't even mind a few submission games... but that shit was taking it too far...

OH I heard that conservative from the back... "WHAT ABOUT YOUR SON YOU SLUTTY LITTLE HUSSY?" Well as it turns out this week is spring break and my mom (who sometimes is the greatest mom on earth) took my son for the next few days... they are off gallivanting around north western Arizona... so there... its not like I'm bringing strange dudes to my house... LOL as a matter of fact I'm house sitting at my mom's so there... Never been to my house and never met me son...

gawd... I'm so tire of this game we call dating... I'm trying out a new venue that my therapist turned me on to... if it works out I'll tell you about it... if it doesn't well I'll still tell you about it.

*names have been changed to protect the innocent, the a**holes and the clueless.

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