Tuesday, April 21, 2009

6 month review

Only I can have a six month review like this:

Six months ago:
I was in love and loved. It was a love to last through the ages..
My son was diagnosed with a learning disorder
I celebrated my first holiday with the man I loved
My hours got cut from 40 to 35 per week

Five months ago:
I turned 29.
I was still in love.
I celebrated the birthday of the man I loved.
I celebrated my second holiday with the man I loved

Four months ago:
The love of my life Broke my heart and told me he didn't love me anymore.
I found out I was pregnant.
Started seeing a therapist
I got an abortion
I got back together with the man I love
I was ignored by the man I loved
My son started in Special Ed

Three months ago:
I quit smoking
I broke up with the man I love
I started working out

Two months ago:
I started dating again (when you fall off a horse...)
I got my tax return back

One month ago:
Bought my New Vehicle
Realized that I was officially over my Ex
Realized that Internet dating sucks

SO far this month:
Got the vehicle registered and insured
Got laid off... yeah that pretty much sums it up

On top of all the other shit I have gone through in the last six months... I got laid off again... Exactly one year ago I was laid off by the same company...

SO my plans have changed a little.. I'm going to collect unemployment for a little while and focus on my son... He needs me right now. And I will be here for him.

The Internet dating thing has pretty much dried up... I haven't gotten a serious inquiry since before MasterT... sigh... the plan to visit various locations around the city to meet people in real life has to be put on hold... the Economy is keeping me from meeting people... that sucks

I went to the Las Vegas Highland Games this last weekend... I have pictures and a story of Love coming soon... also keep an eye on my poetry blog... I was inspired this weekend...
*names have been changed to protect the innocent, the a**holes and the clueless.


Blasé said...

Wow, you're learning early the fact of- "Life is always changing, never stays the same"

Thanks for sharing, and hang in there.

Alisa said...

Hi Sue, I wanted to tell you about this new book just out I paper back by Tom Sturges, who really feels strongly that all parents, single, alternative, gay, nuclear, share a lot of the same issues. When Tom was 3, he lost his father, the legendary music producer Preston Sturges. Tom has imagined what the perfect dad would be, what he would say and how, and now he’s written about it. He has come up with some wonderful and common sense ways to deal with every day problems. It’s: PARKING LOT RULES, and 75 Other Ideas for Raising Amazing Children. http://www.parkinglotrules.com/ I’d love to send you an excerpt…just let me know where.

Kind Regards,

G-Man said...

Like I said last week...
New Job!!!