Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Honest Review: Maxine® Women's Slim Latex Waist Cincher (5X)

Product: Maxine® Women's Slim Latex Waist Cincher

Disclaimer: I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my HONEST review

Promise: This review is 100% my honest opinion. If I don't like it I'll tell you!

Here is the review I posted to Amazon:
3 star review

*sigh* I wish there had been just ONE size larger... I started out with a szie 3 but had to send that back as it was waaay to small.. so I ordered the largest size they have. I figured it would have been fine considering its 3 sizes larger than I would usually order. well... it fit. barely. I could never put myself into this I had to have my boyfriend put all the hooks on.

the good part though is that I am losing weight and a few months ago I wouldn't have even fit into this. I expect that in a few more months I'll be able to put it on myself. I must say that I do really really love the shape it gives. Especially under my fave dress. My suggestion is that you measure yourself carefully and order up two sizes. It goes have a strong rubber smell right out of the package. Since its the same stuff as diving wet suits you need to go to a dive shop and buy the specialty wet suit shampoo if you want to wash it and not ruin the material.

Pics are of me in the same dress with and without the waist cincher on.

The parts I didn't say:
HOLY BALLS IT MAKES ME TITS LOOK HUGE. I mean I already have big tatas but hot damn. I am looking forward to being able to wear this more often. ONe of the only downsides is that it rolls up on the bottom... and that is absolutely because of my big mummy tummy. If it was about one inch shorter it wouldn't be a big deal...
Cincher activated... tits are huge...

underneath it all

Cincher deactivated boobs are still big