Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Not a weekend update...

I know you are all dying to hear about my weekend... but I have a much better story to tell you (Ldogg whatever you do never ever ever repeat this to anyone!!!) Yeah my boss reads my blog... makes it hard to use the old "I'm calling in cause I'm sick" excuse..

So Yesterday was International be Irish for a day Day. Better known as St. Patrick's Day. The plan was supposed to go down like this... get off work, go home to mom's, eat corned beef and cabbage, go to poetry, grab a beer afterwards... be home and in bed by 10:00pm; 11:00 at the latest. But went more like this:

Get off work, got to mom's, eat shepherd's pie, Pick up EZ and Bob*, Ditch poetry hit the bar at 7:30 and partied till 5:00am... yeah 5:00am but that is not the best part of this story....

You see there were 2 guys who were supposed to show to meet me... neither showed.. I was feeling rather shitty about myself but I had Jack Daniels and Bob* and EZ and a new convert into our fold... Timshol* (follow him on twitter @timshol_lv)... so life was good...

at one point I went to the bar and noticed three very nice looking gentlemen sitting at the bar ordering a pitcher of beer and trying to find five dollars cash in their pockets to pay (this particular bar doesn't take cards... WTF right?).. I had an extra five and tossed it out to pay for their pitcher... they thanked me and I invited them over to our table to shoot the shit and drink with us...

This is the first time in a very long time I have invited a hot guy (let alone three) to come sit with me (never mind that I had 3 other people there). They willingly obliged and after a few minutes conversation we find out that all three are Grad Students in the Geology Department here at UNLV... Fucking Awesome.... Within 5 mins my little eyes couldn't take themselves off of one in particular... He is talllllll, and broad, and smart... so smart.... and his eyes... OMG his eyes... the kind you could drown yourself in... yeah... after a little while everyone falls into their own little chat group and Hotti McHoterson and I find ourselves talking to each other... along comes about 3 am and the Grad Students decided the need to go home... One to his wife and the other to his left hand (it could be his right I didn't ask)... I never expected to see any of them again... low and behold who returns? Hottie McHoterson... HELL YEAH!!!

And once again he and I find ourselves absorbed in conversation... Bob* of course is tossing his little "bob digs" my way and Hottie says "I'm just waiting for her to punch you the face" :-D I would never but I have entertained the thought once or twice... Sometime around 4:45 we convince Bob* that we need to go home... and guess what happens.... Hottie puts his number on a napkin and gives it to me... HOLY SHIT... can I just say that THIS HAS NEVER EVER EVER HAPPENED TO ME BEFORE... this has got be too good to be true...

We head out and load up and I take EZ and Bob* to their respective homes... on my way home I realize that I have Hottie's number but he doesn't have mine... so I send him a text message... Fully expecting a wrong number or no reply at all... Buuuuuut... he texts me back and we converse for a little bit and then he says "if we are going to start a real conversation why don't we do it over the phone" so I call him... fully expecting him to send me to voicemail.... buuuuut he answers... and we talk while I am getting ready for work... which basically consists of changing my clothes and loading my son up for day-care...

we talk while I am on my way to work (quite your bitching you pansy ass MFers... I can talk wirelessly while I drive).... and he asks the big question

"So are you looking for a relationship or just someone to hang with"

here is where things can get really messy... because I am kind of looking for both... I am looking for someone I can hang with that has the potential of becoming a relationship....

"well sort of... I know what I want and I looking for it... if I find it I'll go after it, but till then I'm just looking"

and he proceeds to tell me that he doesn't want to lead me on and how he's not really looking for a relationship, and yada yada yada

I think I did rather well by not screaming my frustration at the top of my lungs... instead I played it cool and said that was cool, that He's a cool guy, and it would still be cool if we hung out, and I'm totally cool with just being friends.... (yup I really did use the word cool that many times in less than 2 mins) and we talked about how a good friend of mine told me that I would have to kiss a lot of frogs before I found my prince... and he goes and says something like this:

"well I'm not that prince, but if I were looking for a relationship I probably would be"

now explain to me why guys say shit like that? do they like fucking with our heads? sigh... i'm a sucker though... because we ended the conversation with the agreement that we will probably go out on a "date" and that we will definitely go out with our buddies again and that we will flirt outrageously with one another... I sure do hope he can handle seeing me date other dudes...

so here I sit sleep deprived, at my desk, bloggin about this guy, and I find myself agreeing with EZ's sagely advice... "Men are the enemy until they prove otherwise"

Right on my sista, right on

PS from now on we will refer to Hottie McHoterson as GeoDude (yes you geeks I know that is the name of a popular rock pokemon but I don't care)

Best Quotes of the evening:
"I would just like to say in my defense that I got used by a 17 year old girl for sex"
"Libertarians are like Super Republicans"
"His nose was bit off by a 16 year old prostitute"
"and they have 'Dry-lake submarine races' in their pick-up trucks"

*names have been changed to protect the innocent, the a**holes and the clueless.

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