Friday, April 10, 2009

Love is a Bitch!

Its strange how the heart works... and love is a bitch...

I've been talking to a guy I met on eharmony. I'm going to call him MagicMan (please don't ever ask me how I come up with these damn names). We have been talking for over a week now on the phone... the only reason we haven't met yet is that He lives in St. George UT. which is like an hour and a half drive away and I would need a babysitter to watch my son while I'm gone... And I am not about to drive out there unless I'm going to spend the night and come back. SO we had made plans for me to come out this weekend, but my babysitter is sick and my mom is working... so plans have flown the coup... for a weekend trip. I might be able to make a day trip up there.. and If I can work it out I will...

We have this great spiritual connection. We share the same religious beliefs and its been refreshing to talk to someone about them. But here is my conundrum.. I don't really think I'll ever have romantic feelings for him... maybe some lustful ones... but not romantic. I keep getting the nudge from a higher power that this might turn into a mentor/student thing... which is very cool with me... I love teaching

now here is where the heart gets tricky and love is a bitch,

I got an email from Bachelor #1 yesterday... Mr. Love-at-first-sight. He wanted to know when and where I read my poetry... I emailed him back and gave him directions, an address, time and the admonision to call me if he gets lost.



because when I saw his email address in my inbox, ny heart did a sommersault. My eyes teared up. My soul grew lighter. We haven't really talked since that fateful day... except that one time I texted every dude in my phone...

Love at first sight.... so strange; that it's real and that it happened to me. Can I send up a little prayer that he can see past what is essentially a non-issue?

My religion is private. I tell the guys if they ask, but I don't talk about it. Because I am taught (and I teach) that religion is a private matter. Its between you and your god (or gods). After talking to my religious leader about the issue a few weeks ago, she told me a story about her late husband.

He was a devout Baptist.. and of course she was not. But they met and they married and they were in love. She had a deal with him... She would go to chruch with him every sunday if he would tolerate her faith in something else... and because they loved each other, it worked.

I could do that. I would do that. For love I will do anything. For true love that is.

*names have been changed to protect the innocent, the a**holes and the clueless.

*names have been changed to protect the innocent, the a**holes and the clueless.

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dizzblnd said...

I hope it all works out for you. I am SO glad I don't have to do the dating thing anymore