Monday, October 12, 2009

Here is where I must admit

Well its time to admit a really bad... bad truth...

My last few posts were all written on the same day and then scheduled to post. I spaced the dates out so that it looked like I was more active than I was.

Now the reason for this confession.... its time to start a new adventure.... with a new person. On September 18th, 2009 I met the GreatDane. He is this amazing, extraordinary, fantastic human being. I'll tell you a brief version of how we met:

I posted an ad on craigslist (yes in the personals section). Purposefully I made it long and filled with great little quips. The first (and only) email I got that truly sounded like it was written by someone who had read my ad (he commented on a cupholder quip I had hidden in the middle somewhere) was from GreatDane.

The stars were aligned perfectly that night. We exchanged a few emails and then phone numbers, and then we met... at my favorite little place downtown. I got there early (like I always do) and had a little while till his arrival. I ordered my Guinness, was tapping my foot to Finnegan's Wake; when suddenly I noticed this mountain of a man come strolling in.... HOLY SHIT its him. I recognized him from his pic. I damn near choked on my beer and almost fell off of my stool.

This guy has it going on! wowsa! He's 6'2" and built like a pro football linebacker (not some scraggly college kid) and the dimple on his chin could hold enough water to solve the drought here in Vegas. His eyes! they are this deep liquid brown like that sexy commercial from Dove chocolates a few years ago... yummy yummy....

now all the good looks aside, HE's FUCKING SMART!!! and funny and witty and compassionate. and he remembers the little details... by the end of the first date he had my birthday remembered, my son's birthday remembered and he knew my eye color.

Since then we have seen each other about once a week and we talk every day.. either a phone conversation or a text conversation; sometimes both. I'm completely gaga over this guy... But I am NOT making the same mistakes with him that I made with Kurt... oops I mean Bruce*... (HAHAHAHAHA).

We have both agreed to take things slow and we BOTH mean it. I find myself anticipating his text messages. :) And he has admitted (more than once) that he keeps his phone in his hand just in case I send a random message throughout the day. The best part about us is that we have great conversations. I mean really great, awesome, amazing conversations. We can (and have) talked about everything from politics to sex (intellectual convo... and dirty convo on that last subject)...

We like just enough of the same things that we can enjoy time together. We also have enough different likes that we can happily spend time away from each other. and rather than trashing my array of likes, he simply accepts them and has made no attempt to change them. For instance: This last weekend was our Renfaire... as some of you know I'm a huge Ren Geek. I dress up, I talk in the queen's english and I loathe the stupid fairies that think their cool even though they have nothing to do with the era of the Rennaisance.

The GreatDane cannot stand the Renfaire... but rather than make fun of me or make disparaging remarks he simply kept abreast of what I was doing and even asked me if I was enjoying myself. What a sweetie.

Anyhoot... we're coming up on a month of knowing each other and we're staying on track. No moving too fast, no moving too slow. We have an established daily routine (and are establishing a weekly one). We have even embarked on a writing project together (he's a writer too!).

Keep your fingers crossed for me...

"What about DeveloperD?" you ask... well that's fodder for another blog... I'll keep you posted... LOL

*names have been changed to protect the innocent, the a**holes and the clueless.