Friday, February 27, 2009

My followers are the best!

I don't have a lot of actual "followers" only 10 to be exact. I know that there are more regular readers here than "followers". But the 10 people I do have following me are either very good friends of mine or really good blog buddies... so with out further ado. let me introduce you:

in no particular order:

Tommymac71 He hasn't been bloggin recently but when he was it was awesome... funny stuff... I miss him bunches and wish he would come back to the blog world... also he was one of my very first blog followers...

That Girl Is an amzing young woman who blogs about her everyday life and makes it not only interesting but funny as hell...

HLP is a very funny site where they showcase those really horrible vanity plates you see everyday. I am an official member of the Platarazzi and have submitted my fair share of bad plates. Vegas is the perfect place to plate-stalk

Travis Erwin has two blogs One word, One rung, One day that I read every day and This one that I never read... Travis is an amazing writer and an awesomely cool dude (we're also Twitter buddies). He has been through so much in the last few months and yet he keeps his spirits up and his head high, and he still keeps on writing.. If you twitter I highly suggest you start following him...

Jackie is a new follower and I'm new to her blog as well... She also has two blogs JackiesMagic that I read and Sisterly Connections that I don't read (Come one cut me some slack... have you seen that blog list on the right? I read those everyday!!) She is another "real life" blogger like myself... she pulls no punches when talking about her experiences...

Dzzblnd over at Soggy-Doggy-Bloggy is a treasure. She is probably my most faithfull follower and commenter. She also follows my other blog and I am sure is still waiting for the next installment of the story about Sara... Don't worry.. its coming... She also has a second blog where she talks about Dreams and interprets your dreams for you, she is very very good.

Here begins the section where I mention the bloggers that I know on a more personal level (I.E. my real life buddies)

My very first Follower every was MyndTrip He is an aspring author who has this great story line he created that is based on a paper and dice RPG game that he created... he is very creative. The game is so easy to learn and play and has the potential to be the absolute best paper and dice game ever (sorry D&D I still love you). But his stories about the world he created are spectacular... if you go back and read them from the beginning you'l be just as hooked as I am.

Jennifer the Messenger (aka JenX) is a journalist who is doing a series of stories on some of the more colorful characters who live here in the city of sin. Her Blog is full of great stories, but be warned it is not for the faint of heart... She is also a Twitter buddy.

Lisa is a girl I went to high school with.. We were pretty tight there for a little while.. after high school we lost touch and got back into touch here in blogger... her blog is all about her amazing crafting ability

And yes I saved the best for last!!

You all know her as EZ. I am including a link to her Blogger profile here becuase she has 3 blogs she is currently running (with more on the way). She is an eclectic blogger, she blogs about everything from life, to politics, to religion... one of her blogs is dedicated to a year long writting project she is working on... Check out her stuff its great!

Now that I have introduced you I suggest that if you haven't already checked these peeps out that you do. They are all very amazing people and damn fine bloggers.


Erma said...

Hey!! That's me, again! Awesome! I love you!

EZ aka Erma aka Atheona

Travis Erwin said...

Thanks for the kind words. And just for the record I was merely a contributor to that other blog and i would remove myself if I knew how.

dizzblnd said...

You are so sweet! Thanks for the shout out. Yes I am eagerly waiting for the next installment.. Dammit. now I gotta go update the dream blog. Thanks for the kick in the pants to do that!

I will check out the others that I don't already follow

g-man said...

Suzi the Uzi....?
I love it!!