Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Product Testing for Smooth Away

All this week I have been testing a product called "Smooth Away" as part of the product testing group I am involved with through

The website for this product says "SMOOTH AWAY is a pad covered with superfine crystals that buff away unwanted hair, leaving your skin so soft and incredibly smooth. Works great on sensitive areas and also exfoliates as it removes the unwanted hair, leaving skin soft and smooth."
The kit I was sent included a complete starter package with the moisturizer that is also supposed to make hair grow in finer and softer. I am assuming this is also to make it easier to "smooth away". hehehehe
Here is the week as it happened:
Tuesday 02/03/09
I got my package in the mail. I went over to my mom's house to show off the product and to give it a try. After I had opened it she and I sat out on her porch smoking and giggling over the instructions. Clockwise 3 times and counter clockwise three times repeat untill hair is removed from that area.

So I put the first applicator on the big pad and went to work on my legs right there on my mom's porch. Now the instuctions say to not use on hair that is more than a 1/4 inch long... I take a look at my legs and determine that the hair maybe just under that.

I used it on my lower legs and on my knees. The hairest parts. I don't usually shave my thighs becuase I don't really grow a lot of hair there. But I do get a lot of little pimples. so tomorrow I am going to start using it on my thighs to see if the exfoliating part will help with the pimples.

My first impression is that is probably a great product for the woman who has a lot of time to tend to her stems and doesn't want to use a razor or hair removal cream. It took me a good five minutes per leg. The final result was slightly stubbly, kind of like using a dull razor. I'm guessing that as the week goes on the results will get better. But we shall see.

forgot all about using the damn thing

started using on one leg but had to chase three year old around to keep him from drawing on the walls.... forgot about it

remembered it looked at it..... too tired to spend 10 minutes per leg. But used the lotion...

I really like that lotion! makes my legs very smooth...

Couldn't stand the hairy legs anymore, but didn't want to wear out my arms with the buffer... used my razor... cut my legs to hell.... used the lotion... damn I really like that stuff... they should market it on its own....

Feeling guilty for not using the product again..... only one more day left on my trial... damn it...

So here I sit feeling extremely guilty that I only used the actual hair removal product once. I wish it had been easier to use. Some thing that would have taken a few minutes rather than (at least) ten minutes per leg. I think it is a great product, just not for a mom with a very busy life.

I must however rave about the lotion. This stuff is great! it leave my legs feeling vey smooth and only after a few days of using it I can tell that my hair is growing in a little softer and finer. which is awesome!! Unlike most other lotions that say they make your hair grow in finer and less frequently this one doesn't burn and it does not have a heavy perfume to it. It smells very clean and goes on easy. No grease, no stickiness.

So here is my over all review:

Smooth Away is a very good product that actually does what it says. But it can be time consuming. The lotion that you can buy seperately from the hair removal system does what it says and is a great product all on its own. If I were rating this on a scale of 0-5 stars I would give it 4 stars.

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