Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Let's Review..

Ok so I was re-reading the post that I linked to yesterday...

"The Men in My Life"

And I wanted to review some things.

Original text:
"3: Bruce*. He is the epitome of sweet. Sometimes I wonder if I have been dreaming about him or if he is real. If you have been reading you know all the really sweet things he has done since day one. But I wonder how long it will last. I am not being pessimistic just realistic. Will he stay like this forever and even if we don't work out still be friends? or Will he change in a few months and then decide he can find something else that is "better" (you can't get much better than me)? One the one hand I know where I could go with this, but on the other do I want to set my self-up for another bone-shattering fall?"

Wow... did I call that one or what... Damn I really shoulld listen to my gut insticnt more often.. I knew from the very begining that this guy wasn't what he said he was... why didn't I listen to myself.... damn

Original Text:
"4: Steve*. He is one of my best friends. I feel I can tell him anything, he is my male version of EZ. He has never been judgemental and has even given me some great advice. I want him to see himself like I do: an amazing person whose heart is bigger that he lets on. He has so much to offer the world but has shut himself up becuase of stupid people. I say let them be stupid you just outshine them all."

Hmmm not sure what to say about this one.... turns out he wasn't as good a friend as I thought. Again I don't know where the break down happened... the last I heard was at his birthday he wanted to "re-connect" and now here I am standing here with my thumb up my ass looking like an idiot... tell me again why I beleive guys when they say things to me....

Original Text:
"5: Charlie*: What more can I say about him? He is a friend, or more correctly I should say I am his friend. I do for him what I do for so many others. But he taught me something. He taught me that my heart is more fragile and precious than anything else in this world. He taught me that I need to be very careful before I going making assumptions, that I should not hold any expectations no matter what. He taught me that sometimes we say things and mean them at the time but that in a few minutes/hours/days/weeks those things have no meaning. Its becuase of him that I am afraid of letting myself go with Bruce*. Well that and the fact that I might scare Bruce away if I really did let go. I can be pretty intense. (duh poet)"

LMAO I am fucking psychic! I did let myself go with Bruce* and I did scare him off... holy shit. only thing different about is Charlie.... is well nothing... he is exactly as he was when I met him 6 months ago...

Well there ya go and there ya have it... I'm done with it... I know I said I wouldn't blog about Bruce* anymore, but shit I said the same thing about Charlie* LOL.

Now what I need to do is come up with an accurate online dating profile for myself.... any suggestions? Yeah I am going to jump back on the bandwagon... I know that love won't find you if your sitting at home doing nothing, so I am back online (on a site I pay for and that other people have to pay for so this time I know they have to be at least somewhat serious). Also I am going to get out there in the real world and do more things that I like....

Who knows maybe on one of my hiking trips I'll run into "Mr. Right-for-Me" and it will be happily-ever-after.

Ok gotta go... I'm looking for a camping group to join too.... And I may have found my new vehicle... just have to wait for a response from the guy... keep your fingers crossed...

*names have been changed to protect the innocent, the a**holes and the clueless.


JackiesMagic said...

I envy you. Getting back on the the online bandwagon.. I'm too chicken to do that again. So soon. Somehow with the new year I've attracted many from my past. They love me but can't handle the truth. This is what I use to write my own profiles.. they seem to get lots of attention: Go to Half Price Books to see if you can find a copy of The Hidden World of Relationships by Judith Turner, and I also use verbiage from A Woman's Worth. The Hidden World of Relationships tells how your birthday affects your relationships. It's very well written and accurate.. Just find your birthday and write your profile using that info. It worked very well for the guys on Yahoo.. and eHarmony. I wish I could afford eHarmony. I'd go only there again. It's time to get serious. I'm really lonely tonight..after I got rid of my you know who. I was getting used to his useless energy.. BUT not the drama bags! You know? What is that anyway? A man with drama? Oh my. LMAO

Poetry Sue said...

Tell me about it. Why does it seem that men have WAAAAAY more drama than women do? Sure we have our issues, but really we don't let them affect the way we see the world or how we treat people... I am just so tired of all that crap, do real honest caring men even exist? All of the perfectly honest caring men I know tell they do... its just to bad those men are either Gay or Taken.... DAMN IT ALL!!!