Thursday, February 26, 2009

Friends, Soccer, Beer and Waaay too Much Political BS

Last night I went a soccer game.. I think its the first soccer game I have ever been to that didn't involve 9 year olds trying real hard to impress their parents... it was a bunch of BEAUTIFUL men and women... I went to support Jennifer the Messenger's husband. He's a french man with a french accent. He's a very cool guy and he has some very hot friends.

EZ and I went because we were promised a plethora of handsome single men to oogle... The first 4 or 5 guys Jen pointed out to us were married... finally I ask

"Where are all the single dudes?"
Jen: "Um I don't know let's ask Shou Shou*"

Shou Shou is a probably not how it is spelled... It sounds like "Shoe Shoe" its a french term of endearment that when litterally translated means "cabbage cabbage". The french are very strange people...

While Shou Shou is taking a break from being the most bad-ass soccer player on the field, he comes to sit with us and smoke a cigarette. Of course I immediately ask him to point out the single men... The first one is a guy we shall call the "Rockin' Morrocan" why? Because he's from Morroco and he's also a bad-ass soccer player. EZ and I spent the rest of the evening drooling over all the hard bodies sprinting from one end of the field to the other... So much fun...

At the end of the night Shou Shou's team won 6-1 and 5 of those goals were made by everyone's favorite frenchman Shou Shou! Jen says he wasn't showing off.. he's just really that good!

The next part of the evening was spent hanging out with Bob* and his friend the Drag Queen. Of course EZ, Shou Shou and Jen were all there too... and a surprise guest... wel he wasn't really a surprise.. after all I did invite him... do you remember this guy? STG*

Well he showed up too. Of course Bob* and I spent all night bickering and razzing each other... And then when STG* showed up he started in on me too... WTF come on guys!

Jen, EZ, Bob* (which I may change to boob), and DG* (Drag Queen) and I spent a good part of the evening discussing politics and religion. Bob* of course tried desperately to win at the bar trivia game. He likes to think he's smart... sometimes he is but other times its just bluster.

The evening ended sometime around 1 am and I was home by 2 am then up at 4:30 for my 2 mile walk... needless to say I'm going to bed early tonight.

I enjoy my friends but I think I can only handle a hour or so of Bob* at a time... sheesh

Updates: Still not smoking... going to look at what could become my new Dirty Girl Ride (blog about that later) on friday.. and no word from Jay* (men: all talk no action)

*names have been changed to protect the innocent, the a**holes and the clueless.

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