Friday, October 17, 2008

Uh Oh....

Welcome back readers to the fantastic voyage of my life.

First let me tell you a little secret. A few blogs ago Bruce* started reading my blog. Yes the guy I have been seeing is reading my uber secret blog. He gets to read all about my insecurities and complete idiocy.

EZ asked me if this will affect my writing...

No I don't think it will. You see I have always been much better at expressing myself in the written word. Its like my brain is connected directly to my hands (insert strange fore finger and thumb wiggling as seen in "The Science of Sleep"). There is a disconnect between the expression center of my brain and my mouth. This means that when I try to express myself, in any way, through the verbal medium one of two things happens:

1. I sound like a CD that has traveled through the washer and dryer. Constantly stuttering and repeating myself, occasionally not making any sense at all .

2. I sound like a robot. The robot part I am working on with my poetry performance.

If I changed my writing here because some guy, that I happen to really like, is reading this I would not be truly expressing myself and then things could go horribly wrong...

For instance: My head would explode. OR EZ would get really tired of listening to me. (which might already be happening)

Now for the Bruce* update:

Yesterday, while on my way to work, Bruce* was texting me about being at Dunkin Donuts (the best coffee and donuts ever) and the rather large woman who was wearing thin white pants..oh the humanity...

I mentioned that donuts and coffee sounded good. I had every intention of waiting for the "Roach Coach" to arrive and get myself some of those prepacked GEM donuts and a really crappy burnt decaf.... about 10 mins after I got to work Bruce sends me this text:

"Smoke Break in 20 mins?"
ME: "Sure"
Bruce: "Cream and Sugar?"
ME: "Just Cream"

about 15 mins later

Bruce: "where do I park"
ME: "in the back if you'll fit" (his work truck is ENORMOUS)
Bruce: "Here"

And in he walks with...

Yeah that's right!

A large Decaf and 25, count them 25, Donut holes (bite sized donuts), a pumpkin muffin, and half a blueberry cake donut (he's man with a weakness for blueberry donuts).

He hangs out while I foist at least half of these donut holes on my office mates and eat the other half. We chat and drink our coffee. Then I walk him out to his truck and hug him and off he is into the sunrise... of course we sent text and calls all day.

What a freaking sweetie!!!

Yeah yeah I know I have said that before... but... well... its true

So now for today!

He sends me a pic of his breakfast. Country Fried Steak and Eggs from Black Bear Diner. If you have never had the privilege of eating at this fine establishment, I suggest you run out and do so right now... I'll wait for you

See. What did I tell you....

ME: "Bastard, you know that's my favorite"
Bruce: "Well I had an extra one, but you called me a bastard"
ME: "You are the sweetest man in the whole world"
Bruce: "Big 1 or small? and how do you want your eggs?"
ME: "Small. eggs scrambled with cheese"
Bruce: "cheddar, american, swiss"
ME: "Cheddar"
Bruce: "Hashbrowns and wheat toast"
ME: "Sure"
Bruce: "Jelly?"
ME: "Blackberry"

OH YEAH! Eat my left butt-cheek ladies
This guy brought me breakfast.. TWICE

He went out of his way two days in a row. to bring me what I wanted. With out me even asking (or well not really asking anyway).

ME: "Guess what"
EZ: "What"
ME: "I just had country fried steak and eggs from BBD courtesy of the sweetest man on earth"
EZ: "Yup, no getting around the falling love thing with this boy"
ME: "Yeah thats exactly what I was thinking"

Uh Oh......

*names have been changed to protect the innocent, the a**holes and the clueless.

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Dame Vegas said...

I'll bet that EZ* is one of those friends that believes in such things as love at first sight and that relationships can develop into LOVE as fast as this one seems to be traveling. Such is the ways of the heart. But since I think your EZ* friend is pretty smart, I'd bet my last dollar that she also believes that you have to balance the ways of the heart with the head. I'd bet she'd say, "Go for the love, just DO NOT come to me in a mere three months (or less) and tell me you're getting married!" Balance is the way of the universe. Ensure that you exercise the balance you possess.