Friday, October 3, 2008

Poor Delusional Charlie

Ok So I'm not going to put myself out or hold my breath for Charlie*. In my earlier post I said I would have a hard time if I had to choose between Charlie* and Bruce*. But a friend of mine put into perspective (thanks EZ).

She said: "There is no question. You will pick the guy who has more time for you. You have been on one date with Charlie*, granted you talk to him every day and you guys get along, but he hasn't made the effort to see you again."


she's right. Do I really want to get upset or anymore attached to a guy who won't even make the effort?

Since this post is about Charlie* I will try very hard not to mention Bruce*

Today Charlie calls me. just to talk and chit chat... like he does everyday. and of course the subject of his wife (I will no longer refer to her as his ex) came up. She is moving back not only to vegas, but into his house. Not only into his house, but into his bed. And he thinks he will still be able to go out and date other people.

I just wet my pants becuase I was laughing so hard.

He says she is moving back becuase otherwise she and her kids will be homeless, ok I can understand this. But to move her back into her position of power? AKA the Queen of Charlie's World via the Power of the Shaved Kitty. He is delusional to think he will still be dating other people. HA

He has already admited to me that he can't have casual sex. He is very emotional about sex so doesn't do it with just anyone. Today he says that he is certain that they will get "intimate". Poor delusional dude still thinks he can date other people.

I'm not sure if he understands that what will happen is that she will come back and suck him in to her web. He thinks that they can live together without "being" together. He doesn't get that he is so desperate to make it work that he will allow himself to be sucked back into the same routine. He says he won't. He says that he has changed and knows that things need to be worked out if they are ever going to make it "work". But he is so adamant about going for "round two" (as he calls it) that he doesn't see in himself the desperation, the need to not be a failure at his marriage. He still loves her alot. I can hear it in his voice even when he is complaining about her. He is so much in love with her that even though she completely broke his heart he is going to give her a second chance.

I really hope it works. I hope that this crazy idiot woman really sees what she's got. Charlie is so dedicated, and loving. He worries about her kids (not his by the way). He worries about her and making sure that she has everything she needs. He calls her his best friend. I have never had a guy I was romantically involved with call me that.

So I have a message for you Erica:

WAKE THE F*CK UP! You have what every woman in the world wants. You have what every romace writer writes about. You have a guy that could almost be the "Perfect Man". You threw it away once. Now you have a chance to get it back. so stop being an idiot, selfish, bitch. The whole point of any marriage is to depend and rely on each other. Stop trying to be "independent". You have a man who wants to provide for you and your children. Not just in a materialistic way either. He wants to love you with his entire being. He wants to grow old with you. He wants to die in YOUR arms. He wants to walk your daughters down the isle at their weddings. He wants to be at every graduation. He wants to hold your grandchildren. He wants forever.

I would do anything to be loved like that.

*names have been changed to protect the innocent, the a**holes and the clueless.

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Dame Vegas said...

I really like your friend, EZ, she seems pretty smart. You should write about her more! :-)