Monday, October 13, 2008

...and the angels did sing

So here it is Monday and I am so relaxed. I hurt in a myriad of places but I am relaxed. My weekend was so spectacular.

We'll take it one day at a time.

At 5pm Bruce* picked me up we went to Ren Faire. We met my sister at the back gate(because she had my ticket). We walked around and met up with my friend EZ. The four of use wandered around and enjoyed pointing out all the freaks. Of the four of us only my sister was not in Garb†. We stayed until close to ten just walking around and talking and watching belly dancers and cursing fairies. (F*cukin' Fairies) I had planed already for spending the night with Bruce*, so at the end of the evening we went our separate ways. Bruce picked me up in his Jeep. Which by the way is a monster! It has been raised and sits on tires that are so big that the floor boards of this thing are as tall as my waist. Have you ever tried to climb into a super jeep while wearing a steel-boned bodice and a long flowing skirt? Let me tell you this is not an easy task to accomplish. So as we were boarding the good ship lollipop I was hoisting my self in and not paying attention to the placement of my arms. And using all the force my great body can provide I launched myself up and into the vehicle, subsequently smashing my left elbow into the steel reinforced door separator thingy. ouch. my whole hand went numb and i could not flex my elbow. Bruce was very upset thinking that his distracting hand on my butt as I was launching was the reason for the injury. I assure it was not. As many of my close friends and relatives know, I am a klutz. The only time I am at all graceful is when I am in 3 inch heels (I can't figure that one out myself). The injury was completely my fault. When we got to his place Bruce* helped me undress (yowsa) and slip into his big fleece robe (comfy) and made me an ice pack (sweet). I got to watch as he undressed himself (which I had been looking forward to doing myself). Then we wandered back into his room where he put on some jazz (a common favorite of ours). We swayed (high school slow dancing style) in the middle of his room to the music. A couple times he moved in like he was going to kiss me...

Finally we laid down on the bed and began having this deep conversation about ourselves. As we talked we lay facing each other (me on the right side of my body because of my stupid elbow). at some point he moved in for the kill and damn near stopped my heart. He kisses like no one I have ever met. I swear on everything holy that I could feel his soul in that kiss. He said things would change when we kissed. I believe him now. That scary connection we had earlier... even scarier now because the thought of him dating other women raises the attention of my green-eyed, jealous other self.

We kissed and fondled and caressed each other until the wee hours of the morning. then we slept. We both woke up the next morning (or should I say later that morning) and talked a little while lying in bed. But the problem is that now we have broken that kissing barrier. There is nothing more sensual than cuddling under a warm blanket with someone you have feelings for while you kiss and caress on a cold autumn morning...

Spontaneity is one of the spices of life.

Somewhere during the morning we tossed caution to the wind and broke the very rule we had decided on less than 12 hours before. We had sex.

The heavens opened, the angels sang, and I am sure I woke the neighbors.

Now since by now no one is interested in how the rest of the day went I'll just give you a brief run down:
Went to Ren Faire
Met up with Steve*
Went to craft night with friends (Bruce came too)
Went to Dinner with Bruce*, Steve* and EZ
Was supposed to go home but instead was talked into (well it wasn't like he had to twist my arm) Staying another night with Bruce*.
Went back to Bruce's*
Decided to try and hook Bruce's little bro up(Sparky*) with my little sister(Spanky*).
Call them and get them to come over.
Laugh until our sides hurt from the hilarity that ensues (we are all big fans of "potty" humor)
Watch Saw IV
Go to bed
No Hankie Pankie

Woke up to Bruce telling me that he went to the store to buy Eggs and Waffles and creamer and juice, and he went to Dunkin Donuts to get me my favorite Decaf. He made breakfast and we all played (yes the little sibs stayed the night too but Hankie Pankie for them either) some crazy movie trivia game.
Went to Ren Faire (just me and EZ) for a little bit.
Went to the movies with EZ and Steve*. Then invited Bruce* to dinner with me and EZ and Steve*.
Got home and went to bed.

So there ya go. My weekend was awesome. Not only did I get the much coveted kiss, but I got a spectacular roll in the hay. And this guy, who had already been dubbed sweetie of the year, Went above and beyond and made me and my little sis breakfast. Oh and he footed the bill all weekend, except for dinner on Saturday (that was Steve*) and dinner on Sunday (That was EZ).
I can't wait till next weekend!!!

And don't forget to visit my other blog where I am showcasing my poetry and other creative writings!!
*names have been changed to protect the innocent, the a**holes and the clueless.
†clothes that have been made or purchased that have a medieval theme. Usually the more period accurate stuff is referred to as Garb, while that cheap crap you bought on the walmart Halloween discount rack is called a costume.

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