Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday update

Time to update all of you.
This week has been frought with baby daddy drama. Becuase of it my camping trip for the first weekend of November has been cancelled. And also my mid week dating trips have to be put aside for now. Also with today's economy I may have to sell my house, downgrade and get a second job....
I was very worried about this. Bruce* is big about making time and not getting caught up in more than you can handle... But when I talked to him and explained things. he simply said:
"We'll looks like we spend more time at your house"
I used to have a rule about no guys at the house. But not anymore. Crap now I have to clean the floors...

Of course now what I had hoped was going to be a nice romantic picnic on sunday has been interuppted by my "Aunt Flow" and DJ. No problem. Bruce is putting the back seat into the Jeep and we'll strap the kid in and take an easier trail. All his idea. Yeah I know.
Now for the scary stuff:
My son has always been a little on the strange side. WHen he was just 3 months old he was diagnosed with acute eczema. Just imagine your skin being so dry and thin that every time you scratch you bleed. Now add to that an itchieness that is about 100 times greater than poison ivy, sumac and oak combined.

He was pretty much one big weeping scab for about 15 months. We tried everything. and some things would work for a little while and then he would be itchy and scabby again. Finally when he was a little bit over a year old his doctors decided to put him on a high dose short term steroid push. He had been on low dose steroid creams and ointments for a while but they just weren't doing enough. The only worry was if it would delay some of his speech faculties.
Well it did. It seemed he was getting better for the last year or so and his pediatrician was positive with the outlook. But today was DJ's 3 year well check visit.

Combined with his Speech issues and his potty training issues and some very strange OCD things he has (he is wierd about things being lined up and color coordinated) he has Dr. M a little worried. Nothing big like autism but maybe ADD in the begining stages. In December DJ is going to see a speech pathologist and and phsycologist. IF it is ADD i do not want to put him on meds. instead I am going to search for a non-pharmacological method of trying to overcome it. If you have any ideas let me know. in the mean time keep your fingers crossed for the little guy.

NOW for the cool stuff:
Me and Spanky have been talking about getting matching tattos for a little over a year now. and last night we finally did it. My dad Paid for them as a grad present for her and a b-day present for me. here are the pictures:

This is her's it says "Baby Sister" and at the bottom for the squiggly is a pair of cutting shears. She's a hair dresser. It is "shaded" so it looks very girly.
This is mine. It says "Big Sister" and at the bottom of my squiggly is an Ahnk (Egyptian symbol of life). Mine is completely colored in so it does not look as girly.
The script is the same and the squiggly is the same. But we didn't want them to be exactly the same. the litle differences in them are reflective of the differences in us.

My son got to watch the last little bit of my tattoo and when I got out of the chair he sat down, said "MY turn", put his arm out and pulled up his shirt-sleeve. SO the artist pulled out a sharpie and drew this on his hand:

One very cool Dragon

Oh yeah and Bruce* came along to offer his support and toddler sitting skills. He kept DJ entertained for most of the night while we got our ink done. Once again.. Yeah I know. This guy is great.

*names have been changed to protect the innocent, the a**holes and the clueless.

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