Monday, October 20, 2008

Another weekend... A new milestone

First let me be a mommy.

Today is my son's birthday. He turned three at 12:20am today. I woke up this morning expecting some great change... alas. nothing other than his new hair cut which he got yesterday.

This is him pre-hair cut:

He is a huge batman freak so his Grandpa got him about 6 batman books. Including a sticker book. Have you ever seen a three old with a sticker book? In about 5 minutes flat he had covered himself head to toe in batman stickers.

Here are a couple of shots of him post hair-cut:

Handsome little devil. My sister Spanky* is a beautician and she has been bugging me since his first hair cut to give him a mohawk. I refused until this year. I always thought it looked kind of stupid on kids (and adults too for that matter). So this time I was only going to let him keep it like that for a few weeks... but after it was all done... I like it. And he does too. You can't deny a three year old who looks in the mirror and says:

"Wow my hair is cool"

I love ya little dude!

Ok here goes:

the weekend as planned:

Friday night - Stay over at Bruce's (Spanky owes me an evening of babysitting)
Saturday - Go to the "Bite of Las Vegas" food and music festival with Bruce, Spanky, EZ, My dad, My son, and Steve (if we can pull him away from his job), hey who knows maybe we'll get Sparky to come too!
Sunday - BB-Q with dad and Spanky to celebrate my son's 3rd Birthday! YAY LITLTE MAN! his b-day is actually on Monday,but everyone has to work.

The weekend as it went:

Friday night - Got picked up Bruce's Bad Ass Motorcycle. mmmmm mommy likes. Got Laid

Saturday - Bruce* made me breakfast. Then we met my sister, Spanky*, and my son at the Bite of Las Vegas. We were later met by EZ, but all the others flaked or had to work. I was really nervous becuase my son had been a real pain in the butt all week long. I did not want Bruce's first impression of my son to be that of a whiney brat. But all in all he did pretty good. The music was not that great, but the food was good. I have fallen in love with a new place called Stripburger. I'm going to have to try it for real. We got there about 11 and by 2:30-3:00 we were fooded out and bouncy housed out. So we set up shop in nice open grassy area, where we could digest our food and people watch. We could still here the music (all the bands sounded the same). Boy howdy though the people watching was excellent. We got to watch a myriad of "Emo" people.

best quote of the day:"you can't really tell which ones are boys and which ones are girls"

We also got to watch a mother bitch slap her daughter for some unknown reason while she screamed at 2 other kids that she was going to the cops and finding their parents. We suspect some mary jane in the bathroom was responsible. But lets not forget the plethra of high heal - short skirt - nearly gone top clad girls. In Vegas they could have been anything from hookers, to strippers to high schoolers... who knows, maybe a combination of all three.

This was the best part of the day becuase we got to relax and talk. DJ (my son) was pretty cool. he only acted crabby at the end of the evening, of course he did not nap all day. Bruce and DJ wrestled.. wait let me amend that. DJ climbed all over Bruce and Bruce took it like a champ. He tickled DJ untill he was weak with laughter. DJ did a few flying pile drivers onto Bruce who took it like a man and quickly flipped DJ on to his little butt... all in all it was very cute.

DJ got more male stimulus in a single day with Bruce than he gets all week from his own father. I'm a little scared for 2 reasons:

1. DJ gets attached to people very easily. So easy in fact that he still talks about Bruce tickling him.
2. I get attached to people easily. Very Easily! In a previous post I revealed how easy it will be to fall in love with this guy. I am trying really hard not too. REALLY HARD.

So at the end of the evening we all walked back to the parking lot. I had to unload my stuff from his saddle bags and transfer it to my sister's car. While doing this my son got sit on Bruce's motorcycle while wearing the helmet I use. Bruce got some great pics of this and hopefully tomorrow I can post them.

In case you didn't know Bruce is a photographer in his spare time (aka its his hopbby) and he is a really good one. He even maganed to get some decent shots of me (I am notoriously unphotogenic). When I get more pics from Saturday I will post them.

*names have been changed to protect the innocent, the a**holes and the clueless.

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