Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Sweety and the Tennis Match

Ok we'll start with the sweety:
Bruce* is a 100% bonafide sweety. He's cute. He's thoughtful. He has an excellent phone sex voice. LOL I meant that his voice is so smooth over the phone he could do phone sex professionally.

On Monday I gave my number to Bruce* and he started to text me. That night we talked until 2am, and he has to be up at 4 am. Yesterday he kept trying to find a way to come meet me at work (very safe ground) but things kept getting in the way. I went to my favorite poetry venue and after some friends and I met up at a little bar in the middle of nowhere, which is close to where he lives. on a whim I invited him to come. He said he would meet us there!

I was so nervous. I found us a table where I could see out the window, so I saw him roll up on his motorcycle. I damn near creamed my pants. (Motorcycles really get me going) When he finally made it inside I saw him up close. and guess what.....

He is cuter in person than he is in his pics online!

Ahh the beauty of it all.

we talk, we laugh, we talk, we laugh. EZ (my best friend) seems to like him (which is a big plus) and Steve*, a mutual friend of mine and EZ's, seems to as well. Things are going very well.

Now this is the point where I tell you he makes an ass of himself, or he says he has to go to the bathroom and then sneaks out, or somthing like that. BUT.... instead I am going to tell you that we got along so well we made plans for an all day date on Sunday. HAHA

Which will be very nice. only one small problem.

There is an amazing sexual chemistry between the two of us.

So I was finding it very hard to keep my hands to myself. Come to find out so was he!

Today he surprised me (kind of) with lunch. He sent me a text and asked if it would be ok. Who am I to turn down a free lunch? or a chance to see him again? Besides, I wanted to see if that chemistry was still there. On his way he stopped at a drug store and asked me if I wanted gum or candy. I said gum. He asked which kind, I said "Surprise me."

When he finally gets here he hands me the bag from the drug store and says

"oh yeah and I got you a little something for halloween"


He was actually paying attention when I said that Halloween was my favorite holiday! He got me this cute little flameless candle with a Halloween motif. It's something I can keep on my desk. I got very mushy. We spent most of my lunch break (plus a few minutes) outside talking and laughing and trying really hard to keep our hands to ourselves. Yup you guessed it, the chemistry is still there during the daylight hours.

oh and about the gum. He got me like 5 packs of gum because he couldn't decide which to get me. How cute is that!

Bruce* is great!

So here is the plan for Sunday:
He is going to pick me up on his motorcycle at 6am and we are going to ride up Mount Charleston and see if the lodge is open for breakfast. If it is we'll have breakfast and then go for a hike. If it isn't we'll go for a hike all morning. I'll probably bring a back-up breakfast just in case. Then we are going to come back in town and see a movie. We have to cut the date off around 2pm because I have a meeting to go to. I'm on the planning committee for an annual charity event.

Bruce asked me if he should ask me before he kisses me or should he just go for it. I told him just go for it. So we'll see how things go on Sunday, that is if we don't find a way to sneak another get together in this week.

And now for the Tennis Match:
Charlie* is really starting to get confusing. His Ex apparently said and did some things today that has seriously swayed his thoughts on making the attempt to get back together. He's not sure if we wants to put himself through the emotional rollercoaster ride anymore. I don't blame him. after all I know exactly how he feels!

So here I am seriously thinking of telling Charlie* that I am no longer interested in pursuing anything with him. After all I'm not sure if I could handle the Charlie* rollercoaster. He doesn't seem to be able to make a choice on anything important. He delays and puts things off in the hopes that they will resolve themselves. He calls it "seeing how things will work". ugh. He keeps telling me (even after thinking he might get back together with his ex) that he wants to see me again. but he never makes an attempt to work it out so we can. I started offering ideas and plans and solutions but he found a way out of every one. So I stopped. I am going to continue talking to him on the phone, but if things start to get serious with Bruce* and I still haven't gone on a second date with Charlie* I'm going to have to tell him the truth.

"While you were hemming and hawing around about what to do with your ex I continued to date. And I met a guy who is amazing. He wants to take things to the next level and I want to give it a shot. I would like us to continue our friendship. I am pretty sure you aren't ready to start dating, even casually and as your friend I am telling you to resolve your issues with your ex. Otherwise you will never be happy"

Oh yeah and then there is Teddy* who I have decided is a real sweet heart but is just too short. I have SERIOUS issues with height. I know it sounds shallow, but I am not physically attracted to short men. Sorry Ladies I know this sets us back a few generations but thats just the way I am. I am getting together with him on Thrusday. I plan on telling him then. I have got to find a way to do it nicely.....

*names have been changed to protect the innocent, the a**holes and the clueless.

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