Monday, October 27, 2008

Crazy Hormonal Me

Now that I can look back on it.. I laugh. but at the time.... YIKES

On friday I went to the movies with Bruce*, Spanky*, and Sparky. We watched Saw V (AWESOME) Afterwords we went to a popular taco establishment. I figured I was going to get a kiss at some point in the evening so I refrained from smoking. Bruce* doesn't like kissing me after I smoke.

But he didn't kiss me.. something about having hot sauce on his breath... Like I care.

After we went our seperate ways I sent the following text:
"You know I didn't smoke tonight becuase I thought I was getting a kiss"

I got no response... at all... and nothing the following morning... or afternoon... I worked myself into a pitiful worried mess..... I was sure that my text message had ruined everything. I wrote him an email... it was long and slightly incoherrent.

at 5:00 pm he finally sent me a text.... apparently the night before he downed a half bottle of nyquil because of this cough he has developed and it put him out. He even died his hair blue while under the influence....

Now I can laugh about it. mostly becuase Bruce is so easy going that the crazy chick email did not even phase him. And because the hormone levels have finally returned to normal. We never did make it to our picnic on sunday.

instead I went to his house and played nurse. making him drink terrible teas and take hot baths. I brought my son along (because I had too) and Bruce didn't mind. We watched kid movies and ate something called "Hot Zasta". a family creation of his that was suppossed to give me an intestinal hot flash today... but so far nothing... Better luck next time buddy. Either that or let me give it a go... I can cook spicy.....

So the weekend went rather well. My tattoo is healing nicely and I didn't screw things up with Bruce*. He even forgave my psycho hormonal other personlaity. Which is a big plus for him.

*names have been changed to protect the innocent, the a**holes and the clueless.

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