Monday, October 6, 2008

Bruce, a motorcycle, and crappy service... what a great weekend.


I had a great time this weekend (yes I said weekend). My date with Bruce* on sunday actually started on saturday night. I'll start from the beginning...

Every saturday I have a get together with some friends. Sometimes we play games (Scrabble rocks) or we watch movies, whatever strikes our fancy. This last saturday we had a game night. After talking to Bruce* on saturday we decided that it might be better if I spent the night at his house so we could get a n early start on sunday and still get some good sleep. I'm sure by now you are standing up and giving me a big round of applause for "getting some". Hold your applause please. the story isn't over yet.

Bruce meets me at my friends place on his motorcycle (awesome). But I am right in the middle of a high stakes Scrabble game (we play for a penny a point, winner takes all) so he comes in and sits down and starts a game of rummy with some of the guys. Bruce* has already met Steve* and EZ so at least he has an in here. But in less than 5 minutes he is laughing with everyone and making jokes. (awesomer).

At some point it starts to rain, actually its a light drizzle but here in the desert any moisture from the sky is rain, Bruce says he doesn't have a problem riding in the rain if it's ok with me... heck no I don't mind. I love the rain, I love being on a motorcycle I am pretty sure this is going to be very fun.

At the end of my game we make our good-byes and get on the bike. It stops raining about halfway there so by the time we make it to his place we are dry. We plug in a movie (SAW III) and get settled on the couch. And here is where I decide that this guy can't be real:

We get comfy on the couch and start cuddling. He makes no move to grab my boob, doesn't try to distract me by playing with my hair, doesn't try to get me to give him a BJ while the movie is playing. He just sits with his arm around me occasionally rubbing his chin on the top of my head. Half way through the movie I have moved so that I am resting with my head on his shoulder and my arm around his chest. Still no uncalled for touching.

If you have ever seen any of the SAW movies you know that there are some parts where you just can't help but go "eek". I did not squeal like a little girl, I just let out a little eek when homeboy was on the rack getting twisted to pieces. Bruce says:

"Is it too much for you babe? I can turn it off if you want."

And he was completely sincere. He was not making fun of me.

Rest assured everyone, I finished the movie with only 2 more eeks.

Bed time. I'm a little nervous (though I shouldn't be I have spent the night here before, oops I think I forgot to tell you that) I know that nothing is going to happen, but still.... a girl can dream.

We slept on the bed together cuddling. We didn't get to sleep until 2am because we kept talking and we ended up getting into some heavy petting. I did not know that there is a spot on the back of my neck that will make me orgasm when nibbled. (awesomest)

Needless to say we did not get started on our journey at 6am. We left sometime after 7am. The ride up was beautiful and a little chilly, but I had my trusty "redneck†" jacket. and a big warm body in front of me so it didn't bother me too much. We went to the Mt. Charleston Lodge for breakfast.

If you have never been to the top of Mt. Charleston to the Lodge, I suggest you go. However, I suggest that you only get something to drink and don't hold your breath for a refill. The food sucks and the service sucks even worse. But the coffee and the hot cocoa were good. We had fun making fun of the crappy food and service and left still in a good mood. By the way he payed the bill even after I offered to pay for myself.

Next I wanted to take him to one of my favorite places and go hiking. He already knew that and had agreed to this. so I give him directions to get there. Now let me describe my favorite spot. This is actually a picnic area, but it is a beautiful walk to the top of the picnic area. There is a creek that runs through it all year long and you are completely shaded by super tall pine trees the whole way up; there are plenty of places to rest if you need to. The trail is paved and the first picnic bench is about 40 yards in. the second is about 10 feet from there and the third is another 10 feet. Bruce is wheezing and puffing by the time we get to the third bench. Mind you this whole time I am smoking a cigarette and talking up a storm. I am walking faster than him and I am not even breathing hard.

we stopped so he could catch his breath and joke about how of shape he is. LOL we walked back and decided to get on the bike and head back to his place. I was only a little disappointed that our hike lasted less than 20 minutes. But we went back to his place and after an invigorating heavy petting session we promptly fell asleep. I ended up being late for my meeting but so was everyone else.

All in all I had a great time.

The only thing is (now this is going to get confusing so try to follow along) We haven't kissed yet. Yes I am aware that there was heavy petting. But Bruce* categorizes kissing with sex. He says that kissing for him is just as intense as intercourse (yes he actually used that word). So, while he is ok with the petting, he still thinks it's too soon for a "real" kiss.

There are a few just things I would like to clarify for you:
I am not going to go into details about makeout sessions and heavy petting. I am going to let you know if I get to homebase and if I kiss a guy, but sorry you don't get details about those either.

Today I am paying for the 3 hours or so we spent on the motorcycle. I haven't spent that much time a motorcycle since 2000, so I am a little saddle sore and my legs are still sore from the vibrations. So if you see me today and I seem to be walking funny, its becuase of the motorcycle ride. I wish it was for other reasons, but I think I can wait for that. Somehow, I get the feeling that Sex with Bruce* is going to rock my world.

*names have been changed to protect the innocent, the a**holes and the clueless.
†I am a NASCAR fan and I have an over-sized heavy duty jacket that is covered by my favorite driver's logos and sponsors. Its bright red and navy blue with yellow and white accents. when I wear it you can see me coming from a mile away. GO #24 Jeff Gordon!

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