Thursday, November 13, 2008

What Kind of Friends are We?

So I have been expanding my circle of blogs that I read. In doing so I came across That Girl. Being me and seeing that it had started about the same time mine did... I went back and reread most of it (not all of it jeez I'm not a complete psycho). And I found myself reading a blog very similar to my own. Except she is younger and no doubt childless. I sent her an email telling her I liked it and left a few comments on her blog... She replied and the closing statement of her email:

"Look forward to being Blog Friends =)"

Blog Friends?

That got me to thinking about the different types of friends there are...

Best Friends: The people you love like family, who have probably seen you naked, have seen you cry at least once, won't let you get away with anything becuase they know you better than you know yourself, they know every name of every member of your immediate family, Not only have they held your hair when you puke but they probably have cleaned you up too.

Close Friends: They either used to be or on their way to being a Best Friend, They have held your hair when you puke, They know your sibling's name(s), They may not have ever seen you cry but they know that you do, They may have seen you half naked or done some "mooning" with you

Friends: People you hang out with regularly but you don't share alot of personal info with. They have never seen you naked, They have seen you get drunk/stoned/high but have never held your hair for you, They know you have siblings but may not remeber their names

Pen Pals: People you write to either with pen and paper or keyboard and byte.

F*ck Buddies: They may come from any of the first 3 catagories but with the added benefit of having sex ready and available whenever you need it.

Phone Friends: (I have one of these) A friendship that can be as close as any of the first three, but exists almost completely over the phone.

Text pals: People you send text messages too, usually you only exchange those annoying chain texts but sometimes you send a picture message

Blog Friends: Someone who you may never know their real name, you read each other's blog faithfully and comment often. You email suggestions and guest posts too each other. You may never meet this person in real life but their opinion matters to you...

Can you think of any other types of friends to add to the list? Email me or post a comment...

*names have been changed to protect the innocent, the a**holes and the clueless.


dizzblnd said...

Work friends. They see you every weekday 8-5. They might be able to remember your spouse and/of children's names. They order fundraiser shit they don't need from your kids and vice-versa, but that is as close as they get.

Unless you're lucky like me and are a tad bit closer.

Travis Erwin said...

Asshole buddies -- No this isn't a gay reference, but it is how we describe these two jackasses at work that are always conniving against everyone else.