Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lists and lists

Today I have started to organize my Holiday shipping lists... this of course includes asking everyone what they want for the holidays (or at least those people that I don't already have something in mind for). I have found in my many years of doing this that I go through the same dance with everyone.

Me: What do you want for Christmas?
Them: *insert outlandish request*
Me: Ha ha I'll see what I can do.
Them: Oh actually just a *insert more reasonable request* would be nice.
Me: Oh... what color?
Them: oh don't worry about that really you don't have to get me anything... or a gift card would be nice...

EVERYONE does this... or at least the people I know.

I have come to a conclusion about this..

You see everyone actually has 3 wish lists:

The first list is all the things they secretly desire but are afraid to ask for because they don't want someone thinking them foolish. SO when asked, this pops first into their minds; but to cover up their desire they make a joke of it. For instance the top thing on my secret wish list is very embarrassing for me... Jewelry. Something not from the jewelry counter at WalMart or Target. Something real... I'm not fond of Gold (unless its white gold), and since diamonds tend to wash out in a silver setting, I prefer colored stones. A nice silver and Sapphire something would be perfect. Please note that I am not very specific, this is because my desire is not very specific. Something simple yet elegant... I will never openly ask for this. Never. I have in the past and been disappointed.. (usually with some cheap nickel plated ring with a blue glass gem). So I stopped asking. But even I am guilty of answering "What do you want for Christmas" with a joking "Sapphires and diamonds set in silver".

The second wish list people have are the things they want, are willing to admit to, but don't expect to get. So they will ask for it but they never expect to get it... (sometimes if they are like me they buy it for themselves during those awesome after holidays sales).. My second list would be topped with a food saver. One of those really cool ones that completely seals food into its own little bag or container...

The third and final list contains all the things we expect to get from people, and are the most comfortable sharing as a wish list. Things like gift cards, or another trinket to add to the collection you already have going. I collect Piglet memorabilia, Any thing to do with Wolves, My favorite Band is U2, I am an avid reader, and I camp... a lot. So every year I get at least one thing from each of those interests. Always there is a gift card to Starbucks or Barnes and Noble thrown in there for good measure. I am not unhappy with these gifts, but neither am I surprised by them.

I try every year to get something for everyone that they are neither expecting nor have outright asked for. I get creative... one year my baby sis Sparky asked for a car... so I got a remote controlled version of the car.. she was delighted with it and still has it to this day. If someone I know drinks wine... I don't get them wine... I get them wine accessories. There is a girl in my office who crafts and crochets as much as I do... so I got her something off my second list... I won't say what it is because she reads my blog!! LOL

I try to think outside the box when it comes to holiday gifts... if someone I know loves going to the beach, and goes often, I would probably get them a very nice beach blanket, or umbrella (neither of which is easy to find in the dead of winter!!).

I could go on and on about the way I do my holiday shopping but then I would give away all my secrets....

*names have been changed to protect the innocent, the a**holes and the clueless.


dizzblnd said...

You are dead on about the lists... I never thought about that, but you are right.

I will have to remember that the next time I ask someone the gift question.

HEHEHE totally off subject, but my Word verification word below is "dingetoo"

Funny.. but then again it doesn't take much to amuse me. lol

Poetry Sue said...

I only just figured this whole thing out this year... I got frustrated with having the same conversation with like 3 people and my friend related a similar story... then I did THE EXACT same thing when someone asked me... I reflected on the similarities and BOOM a new blog and a better insight into people... LOL