Monday, November 24, 2008


This weekend was more fun than a barrel of monkeys on acid.

Friday night Bruce* picked me up from work in the Jeep and from there we went to DJ's daycare to pick him up. He loves the Jeep and when he saw it he said "Yay! Bruce*!" From there we went to My house where I got all the things needed to spend an evening and a day away from home with my son... Batman pillow, Blankie, kitty (a crocheted kitty that I made for my god-daughter but that my son would not let me give to her), enough pull-ups to keep a day care running for a week, Oh and clothes....

We went shopping for food and supplies for Saturday and were at Bruce's house and in bed by 9:00... almost and hour after Bruce wanted to be in bed. But hey... no Biggie... we figured we would toss everything in the back and drive to Boulder City, NV (where we were meeting the club) then rearrange everything and have some breakfast. We figured to leave at 6:00 am.. it would take an hour to get there... half hour to rearrange.... eat... meet the club at 8:30

Saturday morning dawns... and everything is moving smoothly... we are out of the house at 6:05. We got to Boulder City in a half hour. The cafe I had planned on taking us to was closed, but there was another one open. We had our breakfast and got the truck rearranged... it was only 8:00 am.. a full half hour before the club is meeting and an hour before we roll out.

We decided to go to the meeting spot early and gassed up. lucky for us there were other early birds there as well. DJ made everyone laugh by literally running circles around me. He chased the dogs that came along and generally acted like a three year old surrounded by big trucks (excuse me Jeeps). We rolled out at 9.

The first leg of the journey (paved) was made with only minor incident (Bruce missed the first turn and about half the club was following us...LOL) We finally parked and everyone started airing down their tires (for better traction) and disconnecting their sway bars (for better movement).

DJ and I were across the street keeping out of everyone's way. As it was about time to get going DJ and I started across the street to get back in the Jeep. DJ was running and looking back I told him to watch where he was going.. he turned around just in time to make contact with the edge of the steel bumper on Bruce's Jeep.

It was like something out of a Tom and Jerry cartoon... When Tom is running and gets whacked in the head by a stationery object... his feet fly out in front of him and he falls to the ground... it was like that exactly except that DJ was in the motion of turning so his body continued turning after he hit and he landed on the pavement face first...

I got across the street and picked him up before he started crying but once he did it was the wail of the century... oh man... I got a look at his head and he had two gashes and two goose eggs forming...

Bruce: "it looks like he's growing horns"

Bruce had his first aid kit out and I got his head cleaned up and a band-aid put on the worse of the two... the contact with the bumper left a nice dent. it did not bleed as much as I thought it would but then I was pretty quick to apply pressure and get it bandaged. The other "horn" if you will, was barely a scratch and did not swell up nearly as big as the bumper contact did... We rolled out shortly afterward.

A little while later (while trying to figure out where the leaders took the wrong turn LOL) I was able to get an aspirin from one of the other drivers. DJ did not like taking that but I coaxed him with some cheese and Dr. Pepper... He was fairly happy for the rest of the day...

We got to the midway point and stopped for lunch. DJ was out playing and I went to herd him back to eat. As he was running back he tripped over his own feet and landed his knee on a rock. Now he has a bruise on his knee...

Bruce: "Well I can see what traits he gets from your side of the family"


The rest of the adventure was accident free, thankfully. But Bruce was very amazed when DJ actually napped as we were driving... His little head was bouncing around but remained asleep. However when I said his name he jumped and woke up like someone had blasted an air horn, very funny.

We ate dinner at the Cracker Barrel in Kingman, AZ. and came home. DJ was so tired that he did not even wake up when I took him out of the Jeep and handed him off to his father (who had him for the rest of the weekend).

Sunday was spent lazing about watching movies with Bruce and playing video games.

So are you wondering where "Ting" comes from? Well that's the sound that a 3-year old's skull makes when it connects to the steel bumper of a Jeep. It is also Bruce's new nickname for DJ... and it looks like it might stick, My mom is already calling him that.

The incident inspired me to write a limerick. Yeah I know I'm one sick puppy...

There once a Jeep named Jim
A little boy ran into him
There was blood and bone
From the front of his dome
Spread all over the front end.

PS. the Jeep's name is Jim AKA Mr. Wigglesworth (don't ask me I don't get it either.. except the Jim part.. but that's not my story to tell)

Hopefully tomorrow I will have pics to post from this weekend... including a comparison shot of the Jeep and DJ... just so you can get an idea of how tall this thing really is...

*names have been changed to protect the innocent, the a**holes and the clueless.

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dizzblnd said...

You are soooooooo great with words... I could see DJ doing all that! I am glad he is ok. Ting is a hilarious sound.. cute nickname too. Limerick.. you go girl!

It sounds like all in all you had a wonderful time.

I can't wait to see the pic (don't forget the horns)