Thursday, March 19, 2009

ok so now what do I do?

So just a few days ago I was bemoaning the fact that online dating sucked and that I was going to give up on it... Then I got this book in the mail that I will never in a million years admit to buying (so don't ask!). It had some really great ideas on how to make online dating work for you... So I took some of its advice and I branched out beyond the shitty sites I was using. I posted the following ad on craigs list (stop yelling at me I know that place is full of perverts but sheesh wait till the end of the story!)

"Well hello, thanks for stopping by... pull up a chair and let me buy you a drink. What will you have? Nice drink! Bartender Can I get one for the gentleman and I'll take a Jack and Seven...

Now where was I? oh yeah I was going to tell you about last weekend...

Man it sure was fun...

Saturday started sometime around 7 am. We got up and had breakfast. Oh that's My son and I. Nothing crazy just some toast and gravy... homemade? of course what a silly thing to ask! After breakfast we packed all our hiking gear into the Jeep, we put the hiking harness on the dog and off we were into the wilds of the nearby desert. We did about 3 miles. nothing too hard mostly flat dirt. We set up our picnic and had lunch at the end of the trail where we tooled around for a little bit. When we got home we were tired and dusty so after a quick clean-up and a change of clothes we were getting the house ready for a get together of some of my favorite friends... To him they're all his "Aunts" and "Uncles". Once everyone was there the laughter was flowing the music was playing and the cards were flying.. Gotta love a friendly home game of poker.

Sunday was an easy day. The boy and I again were in the Jeep. this time headed off to the junk yard to see if we could find that diamond in the rough part. We're working on making the Jeep a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll. We spent the afternoon cleaning and dancing around to whatever music is pounding through the surround sound system. Bedtime was nice and simple... After a read of the book sitting on the nightstand, and a few rounds of "Twinkle Twinkle" we kissed each other good night and said our "I love you's"

So what was wrong with my weekend? Quite simply, You weren't there...

Would you like another drink? ok the next round is on you. I've got some quarters for the pool table... wanna join me?"

The response was (and is) overwhelming... Granted about 85% of the responses are from guys looking for an easy lay. the next 10% are guys I will never date (I have my hang ups) but that last 5% is what I have been looking for... Guys who are grounded, and looking for something that could have the potential to grow into something more... like a serious long term relationship...

Of that 5% there are three of them that I think are neck in neck.

Bachelor #1 is single never been married, doesn't have kids, owns a customized Scout that has been built for off-roading, owns 2 dogs, has his own place... Cute as hell! plays guitar.... Negatives: seems a little reluctant to enter the tech age (doesn't like texting at all)

Bachelor #2 is divorced, an uber geek that owns his own consulting firm. He is funny and down to earth, likes alot of the same geeky things I like. completely into the Tech age
Negaives: seems to lead a sedentary lifestyle

Bachelor #3 is all of the above. We talked for three hours on the phone (after nine when it is free) and we are looking for alot of the same things in a relationship.
Negatives: He is a devout Christian. For some this normally wouldn't be a problem, but My reilgious beliefs are not something he may ever get over.

I have a tentative date with Bachelor #1 tomorrow. Bechelor #2 I may try to get together with him this weekend... and Bachelor #3 will have to decide if he wants to pursue something with me. I told him about my religion, I told him to check it out and do some research on it. I gave him the basic jist of it.

Tonight I have a date with the one and only guy from Eharmony that has shown any interest... I'm not reallly excited about this prospect... but I'm giving everyone a shot.

My Prince Charming may not be in the package I was expecting...

*names have been changed to protect the innocent, the a**holes and the clueless.


Jennifer The Messenger said...

Cannot wait to hear how it all unfolds!

And there is nothing wrong with Craigslist - I met Chouchou on the site! Although it wasn't in the 'free sex' area!

Good Luck and Keep me posted!

- Jennifer Scarllett

Poetry Sue said...

HEY!! I didn't post in the free sex area! LOL

G-Man said...

Jeez Sue...
It sure is tough being single.
You sound like you are handling this very well though.
Carry On...G