Monday, January 12, 2009

Why that one?

I have often pondered to my self why I decided to go with the title "So Sue Me!"

When I was a kid I loved telling that to people who were getting annoyed with my antics.

Mom: "Stop climbing in that tree your wearing a dress!"
Me: "So sue me!"

An Ex: "Your being a bitch"
Me: "So sue me!"

Shit like that. I'm sure I use it out of context. but who gives a fuck. I love the play on me name.

It could have been alot worse:
Here are some I was considering:

Sue's Words (blah)
Sue-per Blog (fucking geek)
Suzi's Sizzling Synapsis (wow uber-geek)

Now that I have been bloggin for 5 months now here are some that would be appropriate:

Sue Puts Her Foot in Her Mouth Again!
Psycho Sue and Her Crazy Ways
Sappy Sue's
WTF Did She Just Say?

Oh the list goes on and on... Do you have any auggestions?

Oh and guess what. My happy ass jumped on the twitter bandwagon. I have been listening to NPR all week (mostly because the radio sucks ass and I can't listen to my favorite station with out sobbing uncontrolablly). It seems like everytime they do a show about technology twitter is mentioned. Some of my favorite bloggers are on twitter. Like EZ, and That Girl, and Horrible License Plates. So what the hey. Why the hell not.

*names have been changed to protect the innocent, the a**holes and the clueless.


Travis Erwin said...

Look me up on twitter.

And I want to say thanks for all you have done this past week to help me and my family get though a tough time. The outpouring of compassion, well-wishes, and donations have lifted the weight on my shoulders. many thanks.

dizzblnd said...

I used to say that all the time too. I still do.. I (I bet you do too)

Anywho.. I really like "Psycho Sue...WTF did she just say?"

Travis I am relieved to hear that all that everything tht has been done for you is helping. I will keep you in my prayers.