Friday, January 9, 2009

The new life

Today starts Day number one of my new life. Remember those new years resolutions? Well Today starts the stop smoking one. I had my last cigarette last night. I'm doing this for a lot of reasons, but I think number one its for my son. I set the example for him.

Another big step... A couple of days ago I applied for public housing. The website says that it could be 2 months beore I get it. which is perfect becuase there are somethings I still need to do before I move out of my old place. I still have to primer 2 of the bedrooms. and I need to do some yard work. Not to mention start packing. Yikes. This means another round of "keep it or toss it". this should be fun.

And yet another step... Yesterday I picked up the childcare assistance forms. holy crap I think they want a vial of my blood to keep on file... and I thought divorce papers were monsterous!

Speaking of Divorce.... Finally I have the time to go back to the court house and file those last few papers to get the ex-hubby to pay his court assigned support checks. Whew hopefully I'll see some progress on that before March LOL

Next Friday (the 16th) I go in for that procedure. I've got my fingers crossed that the results on my Pap were a false positive. If not... well its just one more thing. and not a very big one. If its only HPV (the virus that causes cervical cancer) then I'm in the clear. its very treatable. If it is the Big C. I'll laugh in its face. as it turns out almost all of the women on my mom's side have battled this particular form and survived. I've got the odds on my side.

hmmm... what else... oh yeah working with a couple of rescue shelters to find homes for the kitties. I decided to find homes for all of them. I'm ok with it becuase I am going through rescue shelters. I know they will find the right homes for all of them. I decided that with all the other things going on I'm just not going to have the time (or money) they need.

and the big one... a new car. ok its not a new car but it will be mine. Bought and Paid for. "How?" you ask. Ahhh.. one of my friends has been very supportive through this trying time and has offered to loan me the money I need for the car. My friend even thinks my terms are too strict LOL. Needless to say I am very indebted. Babysitting free for life!!!

There are other things I am working on too. But they are going to be slow in the making and really all depend on how things go with all the other things.

This is the year of Change! I am hopefull! A new president (that I voted for. wahoo). A new life for me and DJ. And of course finally peace of mind. I thought I would be more upset with having to get as much state aid as I am applying for but surprisingly I'm not. I have worked full time since the day I turned 16. I served in the US military. I have paid my taxes every year. I think I deserve a break.

Go Me!!

*names have been changed to protect the innocent, the a**holes and the clueless.

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Myndtrip said...

good luck with the not smoking. I'm quiting too...again. Maybe it'll stick this time.