Monday, January 12, 2009

When something is broken...

When something is broken you fix it. I'm kinda broken. Somewhere the ability to keep the crazy person who lives in my head locked up where she belongs left me. Its very strange. I have known her my whole life. I see her as a part of me. but I know that other people shouldn't see her. I hate it when she gets loose. mostly because of the horrified looks I get.

so now its time to lock her up for good. I'm going to see a locksmith about making a stronger box to keep her in. He may suggest that I get rid of her all together. which is fine with me, if it can be done.

For now I am going to be focusing on my writing. there may not be much here to see. I'll keep you all updated on the outcome of DJ's development assessment. I get those results tomorrow. I am going to have to delay my procedure to find out what exactly my bad pap means. Its not something I want to do but I have to. just one of those things.

Once I get that rescheduled I'll let you know.

for now my blog-friends. Many well wishes. I'm not leaving, I just won't be "here" as often. I'll still read faithfully and I may even start commenting more regularly.

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Bow Chica Wah Wah said...

Im keeping my fingers crossed for your test results