Wednesday, September 24, 2008

With a Capital "D"

ok Well not much has been happening. OH WAIT! I have good news!


ok here I'll give the quick version of the story:

I was young and in love I married a guy even younger than me.
We moved in together. After our 1 year aniversary he turned into a deuchebag. I tried everything (counseling, drugs, sex) to keep things going. He lost his job and would not get another one. we lost our house and had to move back in with my parents. He began to act like an asshole to my family. My family retailiates and acts like an asshole to him. I attempt to keep the peace.

One day Deuchebag drops me off at my employee shuttle stop (I had a 1 hour ride on the employee shuttle all the way out to stateline for work at the time) kiss me good bye and says "i'll be here to pick you up at 3pm. I get back at 3pm. time passes:
3:30pm nothing
4:00pm nothing
4:30pm I borrow quarter from bum to call someone.
5:00pm nothing and still trying to hang up fast enough to get my quarter back from pay phone
5:30pm finally get ahold of Dad to come get me
6:00pm Dad arrives
6:30pm make it home and begin calling every hospital/police station/morgue
7:00pm I find out what has happened

It seems that Deuchebag has decided to leave me and left a note for me at a friends shop. something I would not have even seen until MAYBE the next day. His note says how much he loves me and wants me too move with him and he will wait for me.. He has moved back to his ancestral home in alabama. Yes that is right My Husband (ex now) is from ALABAMA... ugh

So about 6 months after he left I started Divorce proceedings that same month I found out I was pregnant (Surprise!). My son will 3 next month. So yeah... it has been over 4 years and it just became final on Monday at 9:55 am. HOORAAAY!

This guy is such a deuchebag that he had 2, count them 2, divorce lawyers quit becuase "they were not able to work for him". Yeah that says Deuchebag with a capital "D"

*names have been changed to protect the innocent, the a**holes and the clueless.

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