Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Charlie and the chocolate girls Part2

OK so where were we?

Ah yes we were at thursday night

Friday Morning - Sunday
We have been exchanging text messages and phone calls all weekend and Charlie* had a friend fly in from Canada on sunday. I expected the calls and text messages to lessen becuase he can't very well ignore his friend, whom he hasn't seen in about 6 years, to talk to some bimbo (thats me) that he has only known for a few days.

I did not expect him to keep up with the 2-4 hour converstations.

Give one guess as to if he did or not.....


How cool! Well we talked and talked and talked

by now you are asking "What in the heck can 2 people have to talk about for that long on any given day let alone every day of the week?" well I can't really say for 2 reasons:

1. We talk about private personal stuff. the stuff you share with someone you are interested in. and even the stuff you don't tell someone until you are serious about them (that is mostly him I'm not quite ready to go down that road). Stuff I am not going to repeat for the internet audience

2. We talk about everyday crap. what we did, what we had to eat, what we watched on tv, what my cats did, what our kids did. We are basically Keep each other updated everyday. Very cool.

This is actually more converstaion than I had with either of my last 2 relationships (ex-husband and baby daddy) combined. I like it. I have always been a talker and a listener. and so is he. THIS IS AWESOME!

Well Monday we don't really get to talk during the day but we sit and talk in the evening. And I make fun of him for being a white guy listening to hip hop (nothing wrong with that its just funny) and he says "Well I have to get in touch with the younger crowd, with my target market" I laughingly say "well what is your target market" and he starts stuttering and not being able to put 2 words together.

Uh Oh.

this can be either good or bad. I'm going for bad.

I say "Come on you can tell me. What, do you think you are going to hurt my feelings?"

a moment of silence from him. uh oh

"Well no its just that I am attracted to a certain type of woman..... you know kind of exotic looking, mocha skinned.... blah blah blah"

I kind of zoned out the reast because I have heard it before from a thousand other guys. Now, If you have been to my myspace and seen my pics you would know that I am as far from exotic and mocha skinned as you can get. *sigh*

Yet another guy who wants the All American Girl (AAG) but looks for the Exotic Looking Girl (ELG). I am as AAG as you get. there is not one ounce of ELG in me. I'm so Irish my blood is green whiskey. I'm so American mMy heart is Red White and Blue. Yeesh.

So now I tune back in time to hear him say, "...but I have dated all kinds of girls, and I just find my self really attracted to ...blah blah blah"


So now I am thinking that this is going to go nowhere fast, He got one look at me and now he is trying to tell me nicely that he isn't attracted to me. ugh

But I let it slide and we move on to the more mundane portions of our converstaion, like politics and religion. (yeah we can discuss our different view points civilly. Its great.)

Tuesday Morning:
I send what has become my standard good morning text message. and I get nothing back. and nothing. and nothing and nothing.... by 2:00pm I have worked myself into this great melancholic mood about how he has decided (or his friend has convinced him) that i'm not worth the effort or he really doesn't want to even pursue a casual thing or something. Ahh and how creative I become when in this mood. I wrot a whole new poem and a nice narative. awesome.

But then. Low and behold. as soon as I am getting ready to leave work. he calls.

HE CALLS! I did a little happy dance.

And we talk for a little bit. turns out he had some serious woman drama (I am ssuming ex-wife since baby momma hasn't been heard from in weeks) that he had to take care of and it was not very pleasant. but how nice it was to talk to me. *fluttery eyelash sigh* And can he call me llater after he gets off work.

well duh of course

I am sitting in the hot tub relaxing after a long day of working my self up and cleaning out my extra room. and I get sturck by another piece of literary perfection, something I had to share with him. So I sent a text:

"allow me wax quixotic. Here I sit in the swirling warm waters wishing I wasn't alone"

immediately he calls me. and we talk again for another hour and a half about poetic attitudes and literary achievements. but after I get home we cut off and both fall asleep before we can call each other back... LOL

So here we are up to current on today.

Now here is the deal with us (me and Charlie*)

We both agree to take things very slowly (both recently screwed by those we thought loved us)
We both agree that we weren't looking for anything long term
We both are operating under the agreement that sex will not be happening for a while
We both agree that we aren't going to just willy nilly introduce our kids to the people we are "dating" (i.e. each other) until things are serious

Last night, while in the hot tub, he says:

"When you meet my son..."

did you catch that?

"WHEN you meet my son..."

Now what do you think that means?

*names have been changed to protect the innocent, the a**holes and the clueless.

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