Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Places I go and the People I see

Here it is MY LIST:

The First:

Chances are you either have a profile here or you know someone who does. I would like to say that I have not been very lucky here, but actually I have been very lucky here. I have made contact with 2 very different guys

Charlie* - Good looking guy. 33. very tall. good job. single dad. Has alot of baby mama drama and ex-wife drama (not the same drama either poor dude). only been on one date but he paid and we talk every day on the phone

Teddy* - from his pics online he's good looking. 28. Starting his own business but also works full time to pay the bills. No kids, never married. but works 6 days a week. I haven't met him in person yet. But I am going to tonight (thursday 9-18-08) so keep your fingers crossed that those pics weren't like 10 years old and now he's an 800 lb gorrilla.

Other Observations about plentyoffish:
I have messaged no less than 30 guys on this damn site. less than half respond and only one (Charlie*) actually started a dialogue with me. ONLY ONE guy has ever messaged me first, that was Teddy. and he thinks i'm sexy in my pics. (ok maybe he is blind, I can handle that) so over all I think of this site as a failure, but won't be giving up entirely on it. after all not only did I meet these two guys I also met a guy from AZ, we'll call him "The Zesty Zebra"*, who is pretty good at that internet sex stuff.... perfect those lonely nights. (which is every night for me)

The Second:

Ok I have not actually met anyone from here But I have started a dialogue with a guy. if it goes anywhere I'll keep you posted. but so far its just getting to know you talk. He's a few years younger than me so I am leary (I swore after my sons father I wouldn't date younger guys anymore).

Other Observations about hotornot:
This is actually a site where people rate your picture. Be prepared for brutal honesty. I am only a 5 (which is exactly where I thought I would be). My sister convinced me to join this site and she warned me that it was brutal... My sister is a total hottie and she only ranks an 8.8.

The Third:

I did a google search for free online dating. BE CAREFUL not all of those sites are actually free. But this one is. I have started a dialogue with a guy. ok... fine... we have sent 3 emails to each other. And an online dialogue with a guy who is of the Dark Chocolate Variety. I like my men like I like my ice cream, creamy, white, and melting in my mouth (tee hee hee) so Mister D.C. (Dark Chocolate) probably isn't going to get past the online stage.

Other Observations about
This site has a great feature that allows you to browse profiles and if you are interested in one, but are like me and tired of sending messages to people who could care less, you can mark them off as someone you are interested in. Then on the sly the website will put your profile in as one of the next few that person views then if they also mark you as someone they are interested in, the site lets you know! very cool! So far I have had 3 mutual interest thingies. only 2 have responded so far ond only one has started a dialogue.

The Fourth:

This is an interesting site. it is mostly based around a sh*tload of questionaires and tests you can take whenever you feel like it. Then based on your answers the site gives you a percentage of your compatibility to the people in your search criteria. I have yet to make good contact with anyone on this site yet.. it seems that most of these wierdos are on the site for the tests. if you are amused by peronlaity tests I suggest you check it out. if you are looking for a date (not a booty call) then I suggest you look at one of the other sites mentioned here.

In Conclusion:
I am completely disappointed in online dating. I figured this would be the perfect way for a busy single mom to meet guys. so far... not so much. But perhaps things will get better. Just to let you know I have signed up for a few of the speed dating things (where you meet 8-15 guys in a few hours). If I go to one, be sure that I will blog about it.

*names have been changed to protect the innocent, the a**holes and the clueless.

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