Thursday, September 4, 2008


So Charlie* and I have been talking for well over 2 weeks now. One date, 3,ooo** minutes and 300** text messages later we are talking about date number 2. I don't think it will happen soon. his friend is in town for another week. The good part though is that he confirmed he would like to go on a 2nd date. which is cool.

no wait let me rephrase that:


can you tell I really like this guy?

on another note

There have been 2 other guys to recently show interest:

Blue* is a nice guy. kind of goofy looking in a cute way. and introduced to me by one of the few people on this planet I can not spend more than ten minutes with at any given time. Blue* is cool and even helped me out once with a guy who was making unwanted sexual overtures. But... yeah there is a but. He is not very mature. It seems to me that he takes his work a little to seriously (he's a voice actor for a local theme park. he does very popular animated yellow square dudes). He seems like he would be a romantic but that he wouldn't know when to get his head out of the clouds. *sigh* He is coming this week to Poetry.

Teddy* I have never talked to on the phone. We have strictly been chatting online. but he seems like a nice guy. I invited him to my poetry thing but he is busy this week. maybe next week.

Now I will answer all the questions that have been coming to me:

"When are you and Charlie* going to move in together"
>Really? do you think that is going to happen?

"When are you and Charlie* going to 'do the deed'?"
>Jeez I would like it to be... well... tonight but it might be more like 3 months (ugh if I have waited this long another 3 months won't kill me)

"I thought you were going to try dating lots of guys."
>well Thats kind of hard to do when there aren't any guys interested in an AAG. Please read above for the 2 "others" on my dance card

*names have been changed to protect the innocent, the a**holes and the clueless.

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