Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Charlie and the chocolate girls Part1

So a few weeks ago I started a profile on plentyoffish.com. At first I was getting nothing. No hits on my page, no messages in my box. and no responses to my messages to other people. It sucked I felt like the big dopey kid at the dance that no one wants to talk to so they avoid looking at him all together.

POF (plenty of fish) has a forum where you can request someone to review your profile and hellp you make changes to make you more apealling to other users. I did this and ended up using most of the suggestions given to me by everyone (thanks guys). Immediately I got more responses. but still no one sending.

Then I happened accross this profile of this guy... Lets call him Charlie*. He talked about how his family is important and he can respect someone who is family oriented. He talked about how he is a nice guy with alot to offer and he is just looking for someone to hang out with right now and how he is tired of drama.... well I was impressed. And he was cute in his picture. To be honest he wasn't really a guy I would normally look for, but my "normal" hasn't got me anything but a broken heart and single motherhood. so I sent him a little note to say how impressed I was about how up front he is about how important his family is.

He responded.

let me give you a moment to absorb that.....


he said how he thinks people with the same ideas about family have a certain kinship and mabe we should talk some time. HE GAVE ME HIS PHONE NUMBER!

another moment for absorbing...

Now, I responded with how much I would love to talk to him and gave him my number.

He called me the next day....


and we talked for 2 hours

and the next day for 3 hours

and the next day for 4 hours

we pretty much leveled out at 4 hours a day.

in between phone calls we sent each other text messages. all day we were in contact.

in the course of our conversations we both acknowledged that we weren't looking for anything long term but if it happened, it happened. And we shared some deep dark secrets. When I asked him why he wanted to share this info with me.. he said:

"I'm not sure, I think its because I genuinely like you. Yeah I don't know why, but I like you."

Now remember... we have not met in person at this point yet, but we both have pictures up on POF and have viewed each other's profile. And my pictures are all recently taken pics showing off me at candid moments with full body shots and up close face shots.

I did this because I wanted these guys to see the real me. (what an idiot)

Well after more than a week of phone correspondencem our schedules finally meshed and we had a couple of hours where we could get together. We decided on doing something he hadn't done before, and something I enjoyed doing when I had the time. We went to a hookah lounge.

I felt like a teen girl out on her first date (well this was my first date in over 6 years) I was nervous and excited. I got there early.

I called him on the phone and talked to him while he was on his way there. And when he got there.....

ah WOW I was totally dumbstruck...

he was WAY cuter in person. Freaking hot!

the place was great, it had cozy seating (I didn't say comfy, I said cozy) and quiet jaz playing. And we talked and talked and talked. and we smoked hookah :-) his first time with tobacco in the hookah ;-) we laughed at each others jokes, we shared pics of our kids, we shared some hummus (yummy).

we had a great time!

at the end of the evening we parted in the parking lot. He hugged me once we talked a little more and he hugged me again a little harder. and I swear I got the "I would love to kiss you vibe" but we didn't kiss. (remember taking things slowly). we left the parking lot driving in opposite directions and no less than 5 minutes later he calls me! And tells me what a great time he had, he really enjoyed himself and would I call him when I got done with my poetry thing.

My poetry thing ran late but I sent him a text and he was cool with it.

Here is where I will leave the story for now. Tomorrow I will tell you the rest.

*names have been changed to protect the innocent, the a**holes and the clueless.


Myndtrip said...

So does this mean the shiftless baby daddy is out of the picture, or have you 2 just stopped pretending to be a couple?

Poetry Sue said...

A little bit of both actually.