Friday, September 19, 2008

Teddy: the adorable little bear.

Teddy* is adorable

So Teddy* and I decided to meet at Caesar's Palace in the Cypress Street Marketplace (please read as high end food court) at 7pm. Woo Hoo finally I get to meet the guy I have sending text messages to for the last 2 weeks.

Well Blue* calls me and wants to know if he can come to Poetry. I am a pushover and say yes:

Me: But I have a date at 7pm so you have to entertain your self while I am busy
Blue: (evil smile) Oh I can entertain myself
Me: Jeez Just don't Scare this guy off I really like him.
Blue: Oh OK

The time line runs something like this:
4:00pm - clock out
4:01pm to 4:55pm - rush trough Vegas traffic on I-15, Sahara, and Eastern to pick my son up
4:56pm to 5:05pm - convince my son that he will be back at school tomorrow and we need to go
5:05pm to 5:10pm - run a red light to get home so I can shower (oh yeah that's right Hot water is out at my house damn it going to mom's)
5:11pm to 5:15pm - decide which ice cream to get so that "The Kid" will shut up and be occupied while I shower (thank you mister latino ice cream truck driver)
5:16pm to 5:30pm - shower (shave everything wash everything) Quickest Shower ever!
5:31pm to 5:45pm - clean up enormous ice cream mess on mom's new carpet, call Baby Daddy and tell him to get his butt over there with a change of clothes for the kid, brush my hair, get kid in the bath tub, unlock front door for baby daddy, explain that he actually has to play daddy tonight and give the kid a bath, send and reply to no less than 5 text message from 4 different people. haul ass bask to my house
5:46pm - breathe
5:47pm - panic because Blue called and wants to bring more people. OMG seriously when did I become the event coordinator
5:48pm - no more panic situation handle those b*tches can get their own ride if they need one. I only promised one to Blue.
5:49pm to 6:15pm - AAAARRRRRGGGHHH what in the heck am I going to wear. Pick an outfit put in dryer to get wrinkles out NO TIME FOR IRONING get dressed, brush teeth, take cough meds, go pee.
6:15pm to 6:38pm - once again brave Las Vegas traffic on Eastern and Sahara. pick up Blue
6:40pm - Receive Text from Teddy saying he will be a few minutes late... thank god I can stop breaking traffic laws to get there on time
6:58pm - Arrive at Caesar's Palace. Uh Oh not only am I not a few minutes late, I am EARLY. damn it Send text to Teddy and say I'm Here call me when you arrive
6:58pm to 7:38pm - wait for Teddy

Yeah that's right, not only is he late, he is almost 40 minutes late.... I see him from afar. I am guiding him by phone to my location... He is cute... gets closer.... closer..... He is standing right in front of me. I am looking down at him. That's right. My little 5'3" self in 2" heels is looking slightly down at him. damn it again. we sit down and eat and talk and.... well OK... so I do most of the talking, but it's his fault! He keeps asking me questions about me..... AND I love to talk about me and my CRAZY family.

My phone rings..... it is a private number.... damn it this could be anyone. which means I have to answer it... guess what....


Now let me digress a moment and tell you about my day with Charlie:


That's right. Not a single text not a single phone call. Nada. Zip. Zero. Zilch. Nothing. He decides that an hour into my date with Teddy to call me. Now granted Charlie did not know I was going on a date, but still... what great timing.

I tell him I'm busy and will have to call him back. There how does he like a taste of his own medicine (ahhh that is fodder for another blog).

Back to Teddy:

At the beginning of the date Teddy tells me he can't stay long because he has a few projects he needs to work on (making money) and he has Jury duty in the morning. He has to leave a little after 8. Jeez I'm thinking, thanks for the half hour buddy. But it turns out that we enjoyed each other's company so much he stayed till like 9:30 and I had to practically run to get to Poetry.

So there it is.

Teddy is a short latino computer geek. Oh and I failed to mention earlier that he has a slightly lazy eye. But he has a great personality and is easy on the eyes(no pun intended) and neck since I don't have to look up.

Now what.

Charlie: Tall, Sexy, have I ever told you that he is disgustingly rich, LOTS of Drama
Teddy: Short, Adorable, Lazy Eye, Great personality, NO Drama

ugh now what do I do?

*names have been changed to protect the innocent, the a**holes and the clueless.

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