Sunday, September 28, 2008

the big confession

Uh oh.

I have come to a great and disturbing realization.

I am getting way too attached to Charlie*.

Every time he calls I get a big stupid grin on my face and my heart flutters. When I hear his voice my world seems to get a little brighter. I look at his picture (that I have on my phone) at least once a day. I have been planning ever week (for the last 4 weeks) around a possible date with him. And every time he has to cancel. then I go into a mildly depressed funk which is quickly eliminated when he calls me. I am sick.

One part of me screams "Don't give up! He's such a great guy! Give him time! Things will work out!"

The other screams "WHAT THE F*CK IS WRONG WITH YOU! Go on more dates! Look at more guys! STOP WASTING YOUR TIME!"

and yet another: "Will both of you shut up? You should just give up on the race of man all together. How many guys on how websites have you messaged and so far? And all you have had is a few conversations that end abrupty. You go to bars and flirt. You flirt with guys at charity events. You make eye contact, smile and do all the other stupid things that the dating books/websites/blogs tell you to do and what have you got to show for it? nothing nada zip. You have been on 2 dates with 2 different guys. So just stop torturing yourself and buy another cat."

Holy crap I have bigger problems. it seems that I have multiple personality disorder.

anyone want to date a lonely single mom with issues?

Nope didn't think so.

Now where did I put that add for free kittens.....

*names have been changed to protect the innocent, the a**holes and the clueless.

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