Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy Birthday to MEEEEEEE! and Happy Blogiversary!!

Today I am 29 years old... For the first time... LOL

No I do not plan on staying 29 for any length of time beyond this year... meaning I am planning on aging gracefully. I don't want to color my hair to hide the gray, I am not going to get a face-lift to smooth out the wrinkles, and I am not going to lie about my age. I am staring the big 3-0 down the barrel and I'm not even scared...

I have achieved so much in the last 29 years.

I am a mom (and a damn fine one too)
I am a Big Sister (again a damn fine one)
I am a daughter (yes this is an achievement, you would understand if you knew my parents)
I have been married and divorced and I am still hopeful about love
I am an accomplished spoken word poet and a soon to be published one too!!
I have friends who love me like family
I have enemies that shudder at the sound of my name
I have broken hearts and had mine broken
I have lived/driven through/visited more than half of the continental United States, Canada, and Mexico
I have owned my home and been homeless (not in that order BTW...)
I have been blessed by deity and blessed others.

There are so many more things for me to happy for...

But there there is another accomplishment that I am proud of... I operate a blog. The reason I am so happy for this is that I have had 4 other blogs in the past and none of them ever lasted as long as this one and my poetry one have. I think its because with this one I decided to write about me...

My other blogs were about religion or were an attempt to appease certain people by keeping a daily log of my activities. (don't ask please its too complicated to get into) But this blog has, from the very first, been about me. It is written not for you the reader but for me the writer.

My blog here is like therapy. Sometimes all I need to do is vent. I am not saddened that my blog doesn't get a 100+ comments on each post like Cakewrecks does. I am not out to make a buck and get noticed as a column writer (I doubt I could write a column for a paper anyway). My blog is strictly for me. I may change the names and sometimes I edit the events so that they make more sense when written down (so very little of my life does make sense when written down), but then that is my prerogative.

Through this blog I have discovered a world where there are other people who view life and love like I do. From the blogs about life both funny and profound to the blogs from other writers. I follow the blogs of my true life friends and the blogs of my new group of friends; my blog-friends.
So this is not just a Happy Birth to ME but it is also a happy birthday to my blog...

And now for the good stuff!

I asked Cakewrecks if she had any pictures of any really bad unnamed happy b-day cakes. And she sent me 4 files... I could decide which one I liked the best so I am posting all of them!
thanks to Wreckporter Sara B. for this gorgeous pink treasure:

Thanks to Wreckporter Nancy T. for this rosy off-center monster:

Thanks go to Wreckporter Monique R. for the "X"cellent Cake:
And last but not least the great Cookie Cake from from Wreckporter Kelly Q.:
More Fun stuff!!

I was googling the number 29 to find some fun pics to add to my blog and here are some of the results:
For the color blind (sorry Bruce*) we have this little Gem: For the Kitty Lover in all of us:
Hey I even found a real life picture of me!:
I wish!
Drum roll please!!!! The best pic to ever find when googling... The lead singer the greatest band in the world!! Bono from U2!! ahh now my life is complete.

*names have been changed to protect the innocent, the a**holes and the clueless.


Travis Erwin said...

Happy Birthday!

Lisa said...

Happy birthday!!! I came across your blog from one of your other sites. I'm glad that things seem to be going great for you - you totally deserve it!!!! P.S. We missed you a lot at the reunion!!

~Lisa Child

dizzblnd said...

Happy birth/blogiversary!

I am 29G... figure THAT out

Poetry Sue said...

Lisa... Love your idea for a blog! check Laughing purple goldfish designs and Cat;s corchet corner (both listed on the rigth of my blog)

Dzzblnd... 29G? I would say 2900you would look prety good for your age!

Poetry Sue said...

Travis... thanks bunches!