Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Exit Stage Left

Now I have been on A LOT of first dates. Some good, some bad, some confusing. But I can honestly say I have never been on a truly horrible first date... well I there was a time when I could say that... now I can say I have been on a horrible first date.

Henceforth in this blog this particular D-bag shall be referred to as: "Mr. My-way-or-the-highway" [Mr. MWOTH]

So we met after a monday night football game... ok he was watching football and I was watching the two hour season premier of "House" (Hugh Laurie I love you!).

We met at a park and were going to throw the old pigskin around... but when we got there it was two windy. I suggested that we walk along the path that winds around the park. Its level and short I figured we could do a couple of laps and talk.

The following conversation happened at the very beginning of our date... hell I was barely out of the Jeep. I should have known better.

Him: "are all those yours?" (referring to the stickers on my jeep)
Me: "Yeah. Why?"
Him: "Your really into Girl-power"
Me: "Yup I believe in being a strong woman"
Him: "What is a weak woman? What is a strong woman? I don't think there is a difference."
Me: "Well sure there is.. there are different definitions for different points of view, I consider myself a strong woman because I am ok with my sexuality and my femininity and I don't let people walk all over me" (the exception to this is my baby sister and my son but I didn't tell him that)
Him: "Well your wrong there is no such thing a strong woman"

He argued with me about everything! Everything I said was wrong, hell even the stickers on the back of my jeep were wrong!

When we started I turned to walk clockwise around the park... he says "What are you doing?"
Me: "um... walking around the park"
Him: "Yeah but your going the wrong way, everyone always walks counter-clockwise. I never want to walk clockwise along the path because it makes you look different"
Me: "oh... I always walk clockwise. I don't really care how I look to other people"
Him: "Why would you do that?"
Me: "Well because its a natural direction for me to walk. Clockwise is traditionally called sun-wise because its the path the Sun travels, it's believed to be the sacred path by many ancient religions"
Him: "oh, like who"
Me: "well the Ancient Egyptians and the Sumerians"
Him: "Are they really THAT ancient?"
Me: "um yeah, they were the beginnings of civilization"
Him: "Well I think your wrong about that"

Many of our conversations went like this. Every time I made a personal comment and even if I backed it up with solid evidence he told me I was wrong.... Even my personal opinions were wrong.. Since when has a personal opinion ever been wrong? there is a resaon its called a PERSONAL opinion.

After our single lap around the park (he was huffing and puffing) we sat down, and started talking but very simple stuff. I figured it would keep the arguing down... boy howdy was I ever wrong. We started talking about flowers and I mentioned that that I would not be as excited to get a dozen roses as I would be to get a single blossom of my fave flower.

Him: "So you wouldn't appreciate the gesture?"
Me: "Well yeah but not as much as I would if a guy hunted down a single blossom of my fave"
Him: "But it's the thought that counts"
Me: "sure if there is some thought in it, it doesn't take much thought to pick up a dozen red roses"

We argued for almost ten minutes along this vein of conversation...

Him: "it doesn't matter if you like them, it matters if I appreciate the gift I'm giving you"
Me: *stunned silence, jaw hangs open* sputter.... hambearssasa? "Dude that's like getting a girl who doesn't bowl a bowling ball because YOU like to watch bowling on tv"
Him: "You can compare bowling balls to roses, they're not even the same thing"
Me: *stunned silence, jaw hangs open* thinking to myself he doesn't get it, he really has no clue that its not about what the gift is....
Him: "So you wouldn't like it if we were walking along and I saw a pretty flower and picked it for you?"
Me: "that's not what I am saying at all... that would be..."
Him: interrupting me "Yes that is exactly what you are saying"
Me: "You know what I'm done here, I'm going to head home now. Have a nice night"

At this point I got up and walked away without even looking back. I can't tell you what his reaction was because I didn't stick around. Where did this guy come from? Is he for fucking real? Where do people learn these crazy things? Am I wrong?

You know what I don't care what he thinks.. All of his arguments were based on what he thinks... Nothing I said was right because he didn't agree with me, and since he didn't agree with me I must be wrong.

I'm not saying he's wrong, he's just not on the same wavelength as I... and seriously... I can't ever see myself with a guy who would tell me that everything I think is wrong... after all I am a strong woman.
*names have been changed to protect the innocent, the a**holes and the clueless.


Lillith said...

Good lord...I don't know what I would do if I had to do the dating thing again...

Damevegas said...

Haha! Great post! I'm proud of you for walking away!