Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Back again with a brand new mission

Just so you know... I haven't actually died. I've been in a very nice relationship for the last 5.5 years and am embarking on a bunch of new adventures. I've become a reviewer for amazon (stay tuned for sponsored review posts). I became an ordained minister and have begun the process of getting licensed in the great state of Nevada to perform weddings. as such I am starting a great little side business of being a wedding officiant. My hope is not to make it my living but to make it a fun hobby where I meet new and interesting people and make a little money too. I'll do a whole blog post about it once I am ready to start advertising it. ... ... ... I think that's about it. 

My son is 10 now and is entering the "I don't really care, but I still reallly care" part of tweenhood (UGH). Maybe more on that... who knows. 

Love and shit to all of you who read this.

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