Thursday, May 19, 2016

Honest Review: First Aid Kit, "Smallest & Lightest" with 106 Essential Items

Product: First Aid Kit, "Smallest & Lightest" with 106 Essential Items
Ordered from: (amazon prime)
Disclaimer: I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my HONEST review
Promise: This review is 100% my honest opinion. If I don't like it I'll tell you!

Here is the review I posted to Amazon:
5 Star review
WOW! to say I am impressed is putting it lightly. This little bag is PACKED full of useful items. the only thing its missing is a suture kit!. and even though it comes fully loaded there is still room to add a few more things. My favorite part of this is the little carabiner that it comes with. Why you ask? Because that little bugger will save your life one day. Its too small to use for climbing but perfect for creating a quick release tourniquet or for creating an easily adjustable sling. so many uses....
The parts I didn't say:
That just about sums it up. this little bag is just packed with goodies. and it fits perfectly in my glove box, or in my center console. But I absolutely plan on homing it in my emergency car kit, which is one of those big metal first aid boxes like you would see at work. I totes scored that for free when we changed first aid supply companies at my last job and its great! one day I'll write up a little diddy about that. 

The outside. for size ref it is sitting on my knee

The inside

my fave part! Its about 1.5 inches long and perfect.

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