Friday, May 27, 2016

Honest Review: Bedding Edition 1

Product: Sleep Guardian® Queen Mattress Protector

Disclaimer: I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my HONEST review

Promise: This review is 100% my honest opinion. If I don't like it I'll tell you!

Here is the review I posted to Amazon:
5 Star Review

Well well well... that was a nice surprise. Too often when I buy a mattress pad that is "Waterproof" its usually made of some noisy wrinkly plastic material. This one is not! When I first pulled it out of the package I was very doubtful about it waterproofness because it was so thin. so I tested it. I stretched a bit over a bowl and poured some water on to it. at first the water beaded up so it would be easy to soak up pretty quick with a towel. but as I let it sit the top layer of material absorbed the water. the bottom layer however did not let the water seep through. so I deem this Waterproof!

The best part is that I have an almost 18" mattress and this fit over it perfectly, and its thin enough that it doesn't add any additional bulk to my bed. (which is great because sheets are not easy to find!)

I would recommend this to anyone who needs to keep they super expensive mattress clean.

The parts I didn't say:Sex can get a bit.... juicy in my household. As such, I have many expensive water proof things to keep my furniture from getting ruined. The struggle is real , yo. especially with my uber expensive bamboo fully wrapped edge mattress... For the last few years I have had the same waterproof mattress pad on my mattress that has worked great. Only problem is that it is thick and its a fucking BITCH to wash. I have been looking for a thinner easier to maintain mattress cover that wouldn't be noisy and would fit over my almost 18 inch mattress. My current pad adds an entire inch to the height of my mattress... making it next to impossibly to find sheets that fit that don't cost $100.00 O.O seriously I have had the same sheets on my mattress for a year now... My bed must lay completely unprotected as I wash my linens... it stresses me out.

Now! though I have a lovely thin perfectly waterproof mattress cover that will allow me the freedom to buy cheaper sheets... LOL


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