Tuesday, July 28, 2009

DId I say once a week?

LMAO... how strange life is

I started this blog with the inent of keeping a record of my dating life... sadly I haven't been doing to well lately.

With neither my dating life nor my blog... LOL

it seems that I have been cursed. At first I thought it was just after three dates... then it happened after two dates... and now it has happened after the first date...

There is something about me that makes guys stop calling. When this started happening I thought it was just the guys.. now I'm not so sure... now I think it might be me....

It can't be that I look different from my pics online. I'm pretty good about posting a new pic every month or so. It can't be the text I'm using. I have had a plethora of gurus and friends (both male and female) help me to create an authentic description of myself. I don't lie about my body type, I don't lie about what I am looking for. I'm fairly open and honest with a guy (I don't divulge all the skeletons hiding in my closet on the first date). Hell I even put out after the third date (sometimes on the third date). I have even given in to the pressure to give out my phone number early on... I return every call, text message and email I get. I initiate conversations and I don't contact them everyday (trying too keep away from the creepy chick image).

So what could I possibly be doing wrong?

I keep hearing this bit of sage advice (or some variance of it): "When you stop looking you'll find what you want". Often I would respond to this with "If I'm not out looking for it how in the hell am I supposed to find it?" Well here goes... I am no longer going to actively seek.

I am keeping up all my profiles, but I will no longer go on and search out guys. The only one that I will remain "active" on is Match.com... in order for me to cash in on that free 6 months I have to be active for 6 months.

now in the mean time a couple of friends of mine who are also in the dating circle have been inspired to also keep a record of their experiences... you can check them out here: Curvacious Bounty

*names have been changed to protect the innocent, the a**holes and the clueless.

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G-Man said...

It's not you....
Quelch that thought....G