Monday, June 1, 2009

long time no post!

Hello all... sorry its been so very long since my last blog!. Life has been a little strange for me. Shortly after I got laid off (the last time) I had to make choices about what bills to keep and what bills to get rid of... internet went first... I've been trying to keep up from my phone and my mom's computer but well... Le Sigh

I am going to attempt to blog once a week, but don't hold me to that! LOL

So now for the update:
I blogged previously about BigPoppa, well he turned out to be a real piece of work. Seemed like he wanted to jump from a third date to a marriage proposal... Yowsa! When I told him (for the 5th time) that I wanted to take things slow, he got a little pissy and I havn't heard from him since... ah well his loss

Currently I'm not really dating anyone. Being unemployed puts a bit of a damper on that. Being with out a vehicle really puts a damper on things. But shortly my Jeep will be returned to me and none too soon! I'm itiching to go camping!

My Hunky Geodude is at the end of his master's thesis and has started to look for jobs, there is a very real possibility than in a month or so he will be gone... BIG SIGH. We have been hanging out and what not sporadically, just as predicted it has never become anything serious (although I wish it would) SO far he has been the only normal one I have met.

Dating is not like I thought it would be. There seems to be some great differences in how all the books say it should go and how it actually goes. I have no clue what I'm doing wrong.

I have two very good friends who are in the dating field with me. And these girls get some real doozies themselves. Here are the general specs we have come across:

If he's GEORGEOUS there is something mentally wrong with him, he has no job, he's emotionally unavailable.

If he's OK he only wants sex, is a complete weirdo, decides he can find something better (i.e. prettier)

If he looks like a cross between a monkey and a troll he wants to get married very shortly after meeting you, can't catch a hint that your not interested, has some strange thoughts on what constitutes as a date

and all of them, ALL OF THEM, are drama queens. Men are the first one's to say they don't want drama, and they are the first ones to start it.

I'm starting to get a little tired of the dating thing, I've cancelled my subscriptions to, and I've got another 3 months left on my account, but in the last three months I haven't met anyone from there. is good for finding guys who are stranger than strange. is garnering no results either. and can you dig this... Just to see if its just me or if I realy do have shitty luck with dating online i set up an account... you know the site that's just for finding a F*ck buddy.... and nothing... nada... zip... zero... zilch. Yeah I know.

I didn't think I was that hideous.

I'm signing off for now, till next week my chums!

*names have been changed to protect the innocent, the a**holes and the clueless.


Susan said...

Oh my gosh...your dating descriptions are hysterical... and yeah - marriage proposal on date three probably a good red flag.

G-Man said...