Friday, May 15, 2009

Blogging from my phone.

So i have not had time to sit down at a real computer and blog. So here i am doing it from my phone via text. This is one of the many reasons i love the blogger platform.

As i am sure you are well aware, i have been dating. My friends have labeled me a power dater. Which means i have been dating many guys multiple times a week. I have been mostly disappointed.

In my last post i talked about a few of them. Now i want to talk about the one who has potential. I've been calling him Big Poppa. (If you aren't following me on twitter yet, you're a dork.) so far things with him have been going great. He's taken me to lunch twice, spent the day at the swap meet, and gone to a party with me. We had plans for this weekend, we'll see. TBC

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G-Man said...

I hate twitter....