Sunday, May 17, 2009

Big Poppa is filler
so this weekends plans were slightly mucked up. I was supposed to go over and spend the night with him on friday, but due to family drama he had to cancel with me. But he picked me up bright and early on saturday for our planned hike.
We went to Zion national park. It was gorgeous. I took a bunch of pics. We had a great time.
On the way back we stopped at the Cracker Barrell for a late lunch. The two hour drive home put me to sleep. But i woke just as we were getting back into town. I asked him why he didn't take the exit that would take us back to his place. And he said because i live on the other side of town. Yup. He took me home. I didn't get any booty this weekend. So Big Poppa is filler till Prince Charming shows up.


Anonymous said...

even in the best crab cakes in the country...maryland.... there is filler

G-Man said...

Is he gay?